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Rich! Funny as ever, although I am surprised you didn't point out how in the commercial, Tahlia got stuck saying "And I prefer full coverage." Of course they make the burn victim say that.


My straightaway nickname for London was Fat Legs! Justice!


London is Robyn Lively's little brother from Teen Witch.

(also he looks like robert smith now:

Who Knew?

Ahhhh! The little kid from Teen Witch. That kid is so fucking CREEPY!!

I'm as moist as a snack cake down there.


i am among those who would've abandoned this show cycles ago without your sparkly little blog.
pretty please can i have a sound-bite of the parting the red sea line? that was one of the most insane critiques ever on this show.
thrilled to see tahlia gone. are there edible butt-plugs made of Splenda?:)


Did anyone notice that Tyra seemed to be in full on BITCH mode this week? She couldn't even edit herself to seem like a decent person, they were just all being straight up superior assholes for no real good reason.

Monica C.

"London couldn't be street if you paved over her." Hilarious!

I wish that the former ANTM'ers could go on the Gauntlet (Real World/Road Rules challenge) and then all of the real dirt could come out, without Tyra's "oversight".


I'm sure you mean that you don't like her as a model, but I just wanted to put in my two cents that I think Tahlia is a very pretty girl. She just obviously isn't right as a model. The fact that she has burns and is still a pretty girl is great, but Tyra's whole self-esteem tokenism shit that she's been peddling is worthless. She's obsessed with girls starving themselves for fashion, and wants to prove that everyone can beautiful, but can't we just be okay with ourselves, even if we're not particularly fat or thin or sexy or gorgeous? Can't we focus on developing our talents if they don't involve being beautiful or "challenging" society's notions of beauty? Tyra has those camps for girls and wants to mentor them, but it's like Tyra thinks that the highest level of achievement for a woman is to be a model. And she's vehemently anti-intellectual. Any of the so-called smart girls that she's come across on ANTM, she's either given them a talking to about shutting up and not showing their intelligence, or she tries to make them look stupid somehow.


A. There was a clip show? THERE WAS A CLIP SHOW? WHEN? Was it on during Lost? Because that would explain why I missed it.

B. Has anyone pointed out that Allison looks exactly like Chelsea Clinton? Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?


My fucking issue with Tahlia is that she is not a model in any way, shape or form. She was only on there because of her burns, which "ew Tyra, really?". She's a beauriful girl (aside from her teeth), don't get me wrong, but she is nowhere near model pretty.

There is a major difference. She had an average body, a pretty face and a shit ton of burns which got her on tv. I don't know if I blame her for trying out in the first place, or producers for giving her false hope.

Thank god she's gone. London is prob next since she's fat or something. Although Tahlia looked a lot bigger to me. Not that any of them are big in the real world. But London is model big and Tahlia was real people average.

Clay was actually a good and coherent judge on panel. Color me pleasantly surprised =)


Celia's browbone protrudes so much that I can barely help myself not to make caveman-like grunst whenever she's onscreen. "Ugh. Me Celia. Me model. Smile with eyes. Fire good."


Celia may look older than the others, but she is the smartest and most knowledgeable about fashion as any of them, and the judges always bring this up at some point. I LOVED her chipmunk face too!


Celia not only looks older, she IS older, so what if she knows the name of designers and models and the campaigns they have been in, that doesn't make her look any younger!

And calling Tahlia handicap is a worst insult than anything Rich said in this recap.

I forgot about the outfit switcharoo! hahaha so pointless




ooo no. another antm post. u fucking love that show too much. ur like me and my vh1 addction. how many girls r left ?? plz dont tell me celia went home. idk i didnt read the recap just scrolled down to comment. and u be making these gifs ur self ?

white hotel

You're much funnier when you're not actually being mean. Bad recap, and worse conscience, I hope.


People need to back the fuck up with Rich not liking Tahlia. So what. It's his blog and he can say whatever he wants. Plus, she was ghastly and it had little to do with her actual burns.

Love the Jerri Blank bit at the end. OMG, she was epic.


It's kinda creepy how much Allison looks like Hannah Montana with bad hair and bad makeup.


You are going to get me some funny looks on my flight home in a few months, I just know it. The airline I use is part of Star Alliance, and I just know that when they say "Welcome aboard Air NZ, a Star Alliance member" in their speech thingy, I am going to hear it as "a Scarliance member" and picture the head honchos getting up in the face of one of their rivals' head honchos and saying "Stupid. Yeah, keep clapping. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You'll never be worth nothing cause you're fake and you're phoney" and start laughing my ass off.

That said, while I was technically a Scarliance member, as I like Aminat, don't mind Teyona, want to smack Snottalie and find Celia (or Cedric as I have taken to calling him...her...him) to be the most physically repulsive contestant I have seen in. The. History. Of. America's. Next. Top. Model, Tahlia had gotten to really annoy me, so I wasn't crying any tears over her elimination.

Also, what the hell is up with the way Fo curtseys when she gets her picture? I've seen her do it twice now, and that's just the times I've been paying attention. I bet Tyra loves that, or at the very least is thinking "Well, it's not a kowtow, but it'll do for now." Come to that, wasn't Fo the one who screamed and cried with joy when she saw Tyra for the first time? Maybe she's curtseying INTENTIONALLY?! Someone get her a French maid outfit.


Actually, Cedric is the most physically repulsive contestant I've seen in the history of Top Model PERIOD, including the New Zealand's Next Top Model girls, and the fugliness of some of those girls actually embarrasses me.


Nice to know I'm not the only one having bizarre musical dreams re:ANTM. Only mine also involved stingrays and this song -

I have no fucking idea either.

Anyhow, I'm thrilled that Tahlia's gone, and while Celia sort of looks like a foot, I still love her because she's funny as hell.

Fo and Allison are the shit, though.



this recap's a little harsher than most... but i think i like the rich with the spice!

point of clarification though, knowing aminat personally, i can assure you, she's not a lezzy!


i have a mad guurl crush on allison.

team haemophile.


Seriously - Celia is turning into Melrose! She is out to win everything. And, like Melrose, will ultimately fail.


I'm beyond disgusted with the recap. Took it too far, Rich.

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