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April 15, 2009





Oh wow...I was first...


I loved "in the fetus" too! Celia is AWESOME.
Uch, London looks amazing when she's fake crying.

And you didn't make a GIF of the Natalie-sleeping-around-the-world montage! That was amazing.
"The Bitchy Bunch." HA! (But Monique and Robin were the two worst bitches. Three times as bad as Sandra.)


She's going to wait for doors to open? Even girls with actual modeling potential know that they can't just wait for the doors to open; they have to go knock on the doors and then stick their foot in so the person on the other side can't slam the door shut on them. If she thinks doors are just going to open, she is sadly mistaken. To me, it just sounds lazy, like "Oh, well Im' not actually going to put forth the effort to get anywhere; I'm just going to wait for success to come to me."



I think that that last picture might be my favorite thing to come out of this show ever.


I didn't even watch the clips show, but I'm sure your video recap is better than what Tyra could come up with.



If I had that picture, I would hang it up on my refrigerator.


Thank you so much for recapping this. I wasn't able to watch it & since I mainly watch ANTM as a pre-requisite for this blog, I now feel complete. :D


Here is more of Allison's art: http://www.flickr.com/photos/allisonharvard/sets/72157605457746605/ She may sell some for you to hang in your living room! She should do more because it is totally awesome.

Fo's crying montage was pretty great, if only because she said "I pwomised I wouldn't cry, I pwomised!"


Rich with stubble= Visual orgasm

Would have been a far better drawing had she had her period on it.


Celia and Allison seem a tad too intelligent/aware of the ridiculousness of it all to be on ANTM... I love them both but I feel like their weeks are numbered.


Love the re-caps Rich!

Tyra is a monster!!

Question: Am I crazy or did Celia say in the first show or her audition that she worked for Bergdorf in NYC? She's so terrible but it's like wanting to watch the tornado. I bet the girls who went to high school w/ her are dying. Or they don't give a fuck. But it's still funny!!


your beard is good.


rich you are a hot mess!


So the Tahlia interview was a bit sad making with the one comment but overall she seems really mature, no? I thought her take on the whole Celia callout thing was really excellent and impressively mature. Not a model but I don't hate.

(really we should hate Tyra in the first place.)

Loved their wall of Sondra's. That was the best recap moment since they collected Jade's aphorisms.

In closing, images of you seem incomplete now without Bret Michaels standing close (but not, like, gayly close) to you.


What the hell??! Tahlia likes acting? She was terrible AND seemed to be miserable the entire time she was doing it. She is such a waste of space (and not in the ANTM sense).


The Allison and Celia love was amazing! lol! Fo crying was the best especially since she promised she wouldn't cry! "I'm pretty so that's enough goodnight." That was epic in every way! Love it Rich!


London really did gain a lot of weight since the 1st episode. She needs to go. I'm for Fo or Celia.

Whitney G

God, I adore Allison. Every week I get so scared that she's going to be sent home. She's so slyly funny, and I think she's gorgeous.


I am also a fan of the Allison/Celia love. Plus i like both of them as models.

I can't believe i read that whole interview... gross


So Allison's bloody nose drawing... that's of Tyra, right? So amazing.


im lost. the show is ending ?? how many girls are left ? who are left ? i thought the finale was 2 girls. not fucking 15


after watching ur youtube video " im not here to make friends " i am to conculsion ur the best !!! 3,000 subscribers, and 90,000 channel views. ur my idol.

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im curious to know have u ever meet trya ?? ur like a super fan. lol im pretty sure u did. if not man u need to step it up.


Tahlia, ugh. If she still thinks she has a future in modeling or acting, then there's nothing that can save her from becoming the Gilbert, AZ housewife that she already looks like.

(and now I'm sad that only other people who grew up in AZ in the '80's will know just how awful that insult really is)

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