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April 13, 2009



I think I was most surprised when I found out the sickly looking gray puppet was actually supposed to be black. I'm surprised they didn't pair him up with Aunt Jemima.

The slanty eyes were a nice touch too.

Truly amazing.


Oh Rich! anyone who flips because of no ANTM recap is bananas when it comes to a potential Rich/BRET interview! Good God I can't wait to see that one. Oh and is it true? Are they really the finest extensions Europe has to offer? I picture them to look like flowing lakes of butter in real life.


I think that video is just made so much worse by the fact that it's trying to be inclusive and then just missed the mark so completely.

Also, I'm really jealous that you not only got to meet Mary Carey but now you've met Bret Michaels too.


Rich, you're just hungover from all the cadbury eggs. :)


I was half expecting to hear that Jesus Ruvs Me.


Wow Bret looks... really creepy. You look all normal and cute and he looks... orange and greasy.


Rich did the self-tanner get on your clothes?


er. from Bret I mean, not implying you look orange.


When I was a little kid in the 70s, with no choice on how to spend my Sunday mornings, I was dragged to the local Pentecostal church. I forced into a dress with lacy stuff all over it, pinchy white shoes, and under threats of never watching a Godzilla movie or an episode of the Little Rascals, made to attend Sunday School with some of the whitest children ever dropped on this planet.

We use to get magazines that spouted how terrific us white people were for bringing Jesus to the not white heathens *dripping sarcasm*. Then sing the "Jesus Loves Me" song until I wanted to scratch my way out through the carpet covered walls so I could run home.

Then I discovered the wonder world of "playing hooky", just like in the Little Rascals. I'd were shorts and a tshirt under the crummy dress, take it off in the stairwell in my building, and take off to the arcade and played video games until lunch. I'm pretty sure I was saved by Donkey Kong.


I do hope there was a major conversation about what in God's name possessed him to pick Taya over Mindy.


I can verify that this exact puppet routine was used frequently by Southern Baptist churches in the '80s. So glad to be a successful refugee.

Bret + Heather 4-evah!


Isn't that the pic from the last time you interviewed Bret for ROL or does he perhaps strike that pose everytime? How sad that I would even know what.

The vid just makes me sad. You can feel the good intentions wafting off of it so I don't have the heart to make much fun of it. The part where the white Christian conception of "funk" music starts playing at the word black is especially egregious tho.


Hi Rich,

I have never posted before, but this video moves me to confess that I was in a kid's choir many years ago that sang this exact version of Jesus Loves Me. I still cringe with shame and disbelief when I recall it. Boy, did it get big laughs, though. Our version had a "hi-Ya hi-Ya hi-Ya hi-Ya" bit to go with the "Indian" segment.


omg! you met bret michaels! i hope you didn't get too close, some of his std's might have jumped ship on to you!


I eagerly await the ANTM updates and more importantly, whatever the hell you were doing with Bret Michaels.

Graham M.

My favorite part of your weekend photo is how you both have the ANTM Allison lip part going on. What can compete with that sophistication?

Noel Kettlecooked

Rich, you're looking strong and sexy in the picture. I can't believe you had to time to stop by Madame Tussauds and pose with Bret this weekend. Here's hoping tomorrow brings a basket full of Paulina gifs.

Miss Lisa

Jesus wept.


Good god! Nietzsche was right - if you stare into the Bret Michaels long enough, the Bret Michaels stares back into you. He looks utterly terifying in that photo. Maybe it's the contrast of seeing him stand next to a real person.


Who thought this was a good idea?


Who is that hot looking blonde chick standing next to you in that picture...wait, never mind. ;) BTW Rich, you're hot.

Dandy Darkly


I hope your weekend was spent doing something in anticipation of "Trophy Wife".


Holy crap. Just when you think it's over, "Jose" enters. I'm surprised they didn't add an, "And brown!" to the sequence at the end.

Ms. Jones

Well at least the White puppets are hicks and stereotyped too...right? Or were the creators of this song really from a farm in Alabama?


Could you maybe let me know what bronzer Bret is wearing? because GOD DAMN!

Looks like he had his lips done recently too!

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