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April 20, 2009



i am complete now because of these gifs. also, tyra looks likes shes saying "pussy" in many of the brazil gifs


Do as I say, not as I say.

Fucking brilliant and right on!


I honestly have no fucking clue what Ms J is saying - does he ever use any words that make sense?


Hahahahahha at all of this. I was writing my recap and saying 'God, I can't wait for the GIF' and you didn't disappoint me... at all. Now that I'm over the horror of Nigel being such a douche, I'm on the same team as you... and I love Allison for knocking him into orbit.


So I'm watching Hitchcock's Notorious (as opposed to the Biggie biopic) and right after I analyze all the different ways Tyra says Brazil in the gif wall, Cary Grant goes, "we're going to Brazil" and I freaked out.

Also, why does every Christian on reality TV have to be extremely Calvinist in their predetermined paths and everything for a reason and all? Although, it does make it easier to classify the contestants and editors love the whole one-dimensional thing for the non-finalists.




"God is a hell of a casting agent." and "Jesus of London" and "a gif of Tyra eating, just in case you ever need one" = best parts of this entry, which is saying something, as the entire entry made me smile and go, "Yes, that is it EXACTLY."

Your site is often the highlight of my blogroll. Thanks!


It's so sad when a street preacher/potential top model stops starving herself and blows up like a balloon. At least she'll always have those smilin' eyes!


"Promise" is the best!!

Also, dumbest photo shoot eve- ...uh, dumbest photo shoot in awhile, anyway. My friend walked in halfway through and was like "What?" and I was like "Yes."

Style Bard

Kinda feel bad for London, actually. And I'm surprised more wasn't made of her disorder on the show. Then again, I don't have any idea who I like that's left, so that makes it easier to think fondly on the ones who've gone. Thanks for the post!


"Would anyone mind translating for me what J is saying here?"

It's Miss J. Does it matter?


All I could think of during the Brazil celebrations were the gif that were coming.


I'm from brazil and I tell you that by the way that half naked dude speaked portuguese, there's no way he was brazilian. I think he was from Portugal, but not Brazil. Maybe your male models are way too expensive for the show's budget. Blame Baby Jesus! (Madonna's, not London's)


I too, heard Miss J speak at panel and thought "wtf did he just say?"

Love the recaps :) You had my hopes up last week for a full video-recap again, those usually bring me to tears (laughter tears).


I wish you would have posted a still of London standing while being judged. Someone mentioned last week about her legs being weirdly splayed, and boy were they strange this week!


"The girl from True Life: I Have Tourette's Syndrome. If you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Best comparison ever! I have the power! I am Fierce Jesus!"

Holy shit. YES. She should flip out on her grandma and have a horrible time at Disneyland.


Fo is so freaking adorable. But she's not going home next week. No way.
Speaking of whom, I thought that first Punky Brewster photo was Fo for a second.

"Celia's into fisting." AWESOMENESS!


That last gif makes me feel like Ms. Jay is really going to hit me. I'm scared.

I still can't see what you see in Natalie though....

Fantastic as always. :)

Jilly B

I think Miss J is saying:

"I think you look exqurshit. What is it--the haberdasheries are dashiness, the fashionableness. I love it."

I think they cut him off and re-edited the sound, because usually whenever he uses the word "exqurshit" the line is: "I think you look exqurshit. What is it? Exqurshit."


To Dan - Notorious is my favorite Hitchcock. The chemistry between Cary and Ingrid makes my lady parts flutter.

Jilly B, thank you for the translation. I knew haberdashery was slapdashed in there somewhere.


I'm not really sure what Ms. J is saying, but rest assured- he loves it.


Yeah, Rich - something was UP with London's weight gain. It wasn't a simple case of "too many cookies". I think the stress of the show really did a number on her. I don't know, I kinda liked her. Maybe because of lowered expectations - street preachers are just about the most loathsome people to me - but she seemed kinda cool.

Crazy about the girl


For a little bit I also thought the guy in Speedo was from Portugal, but really he spoke in such an awkward (and low!) voice that I decided that he was not a native speaker. Couldn't they record a voice over?!?


London's metabolism went in the shitter back when she starved herself, and sadly, she picked a bad time to recover and eat normally. That is the main reason you would put on so much weight so fast. And holy hell, why would you decide to go on TV AND in a modeling competition when you have issues with your weight? I feel really bad for her, poor thing probably walked off set and yaked.

Miss Jay said something about haberdasheries and fashionableness....leave it to him to say something absurdly unintelligible. Also, what a DOUCHE for the "what have you been eating?" question! What did he expect in reply? "Well, J, I have a four course meal twice a day..." ?

One question about your recaps -- why are the GIFs sped up?


All I could focus on Amitat's picture was how they increased her eye brows...she has rockin eye brows all on her own, they didn't need enlargement. Oh, and I think London was rockin those shorts at panel again that paulina told her never to wear aagin

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