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April 20, 2009



While in Brazil, will they have a segment of the girls getting American waxes?


BBC? as in uk tv? It's a conversion thing. FYI US tv looks awful over here too! (If I have missed a reference, please let me know!)


London totally looks like the girl that plays Silver on the new 90210 or at least her older sister.

Chris Johnson

Nigel is an asshat.


London didn't look all that fat to me and she's beautiful, imo (I know, she's supposed to be thinner than a stick). I hope she didn't have a relapse. :(

Mr. J is saying something or someone is exquisite or "exsquirsite" then something about habberdashiries (as mentioned before)...fashionable...I love it.

This show is exsquirsite, lol.


clearly, miss j said that it's "excorigant." and something about fashion.

there was something i loved that i was hoping you'd get, but now of course i forget what it was. alas. cool as always!

something about teyona's hairline bugs me.



Looks like Martha Plimpton in her pic with Ciara. Hmmmm.

And I'm sorry, but did you believe her for one second when she said she'd been a big fam of Ciara's for some time....? I was like-- honky, please.


"Lards of London" is hilarious.
I think Natalie's number is up this week. Fo has a couple more.


I agree with previous poster re: since street preachers are largely a loathsome bunch in need of a good neuroleptic, my bar was pretty low. Even without that part of the equation tho, I think I still would have dug London (altho, like you, all that Jesus take the wheel shite just left me baffled at best.) Now hearing she had an eating disorder makes me really hate those assholes. She couldn't have been there more than a few weeks, could she? That was a lot of weight for so short a time. Now I must worry for her.

I really expected you to rag on Mr. Jay too for his spectacular advice to London on her predicament that went something like "You just need to eat healthy. And like healthy." Thanks Jay. I'm totally on my way to a size 2 now!! Fucking douche.

And speaking of douchiness--now no one is allowed to compliment a guest that does that same thing as a judge? They bitch that Allison has no personality, she actually expresses herself and...ok, I'm done. Tyra is sending out the asshole vibe and the whole panel is vibrating like pitch forks.

Finally-- damn I did love the Hair Bear Bunch shout out. Help help here come the bears!


They were really mean to Allison. I was trying to forget that because during it, I was flabbergasted that anyone(s) could be so fucking mean. She didn't do anything wrong.
Agreed that Nigel is an asshat.


Why didn't you write anything on Allison's ugly man hands? And feet for that matter. She was sitting with Celia and both their feet were dangling off the balcony or hallway or whatever and you catch a view of her feet... UUUGGGGG!!!! Her hands are all gnarly and big too. It was distracting and gross. I'm on team Allison for the win, but damn!!


"...kegel away from female-ejaculating." I am so stealing that line.

Poor London. She really did blow up, huh? I forgot how thin she was and thought for a sec she was supposed to be the fat one.

Love you, Rich!



Can't these judges think of an ounce of criticism to give to lizard-face Teyona? Even if her winning is inevitable, make her sweat for it a little!


Everyone would die happier if they knew that your "Going to Brazil!" GIF wall would be playing at their funerals.

And your extrapolation of Allison's fear of Mr. J's lurking presence in the house is awesome. Remember that Scooby-Doo episode with the Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla ghosts? Jay would be the Orange Sherbert Phantom...


The girl from True Life: I Have Tourette's Syndrome. If you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Oh my god, thank you for that.

All this season I've been thinking that I liked London because she reminded me of someone awesome...but I couldn't place who.
I was even saying that one thing I liked about her was the brusque, almost spastic way she talks.

Also, I get the impression that Natalie meant to say 'visual person', but it's not like she's been humble in the past, so who knows. Maybe she was just nervousy.

trick please

Wow, I have to say this week's recap was especially awesome. References to Milli Vanilli, nursery rhymes and Punky Brewster-yay! Off topic: I bawled when they took Punky away from Henry and my brother was punished because they thought he hit me or something.



They would have known she has an eating disorder before letting her on the show... and yet chose to harp on her instead of providing constructive advice. Tyra's a sick human being.


Even though he is smokin' hot I am totally over Nigel's sensitive feelings. Seriously the man needs to get over himself. I feel like there is one episode per cycle where Nigel gets his feelings hurt, poor baby. Yeah what CarriDee said was kind of rude and crass with her comment about pulling the stick out of his ass but the comment that Jennah made about how she wasn't nervous working with him was kind of "so what?" Now this business with Allison is just really stupid. Get over it Nigel and get a thicker skin.


Can we refer to London as "BIG baby jesus" now, or is it too soon?


Rich! Have you seen the Covergirl Ad Aminat, Celia, and Sandra won way back in the second episode?: http://honestlyantm12.wordpress.com/2009/04/18/covergirl-exact-eyelights-ad/

Aminat looks like a black Melissa Rivers, and I don't mean that as a compliment.


OHHH was I proud of Allison for what she did Nigel. Seriously Nigel has turned into such a douche at first I had the hots for him then he just turned to an ego maniac and we already have Tyra for that!

Also I feel bad for London but the whole permanently smiling eyes was HILARIOUS! Shit I'd give every cent I had to have those kind of eyes!


Thank goodness for your posting of the Miss Jay "exquirsite" whateverthehell he said. I had to rewind it like 5 times to even realize he was trying to speak english.


Oh my goodness. I have NO idea what that Miss J. soundclip says, but I have a feeling it would make an amazing techno remix. Please, someone with the time and the skill, make my dream come true! (McKey?)


Crazy about the girl,

It's really odd that in an episode full of "Brazil" the model isn't even from the land. Gosh, there are lots and lots of brazilians living in US, coudn't they get a real one? Ore even, like you said, record a voice over? I coundn't understand what he was saying! Oh, and what I could, there was nothing to do about Tyra's responses! It was kind of fun for me!

Fake Janice Combs

Ms Jay is speaking gin, if ya asked me.

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