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April 20, 2009


Kevin Babbles

I was going to go camping last weekend and had to verify that "40% chance or thunderstorms" meant what I thought it did. I excused my dumbassery because I was desperately looking for a solid excuse not to go. I'll concede, however, that it probably does make me gullible enough for reality television.


While I fully endorse the notion that 50% of any given population is comprised of idiots, let's not forget the real reason meteorologists use percentages: rather than go out on a limb and say "there's hardly any chance of rain", they fire up the random ratio generator, thereby ensuring their no-nothing asses are 100% covered in case it starts pissing buckets.

Also, is it correct to assume that Little Edie is giving the new HBO movie her seal of approval up there? (Been dying for some kind of review from you Rich!)




I love when they do these kinds of studies, it never fails to blow my mind. Like 42% don't know the name of the Vice President, or 64% "aren't sure" the theory of evolution is legit. My favorite is the "believes in angels" statistic, always disturbingly high.


The problem is that these studies are comprised of university students who are required to be in the study, people who need the money, and people who are just bored.

They can't get anyone of regular intelligence without any motive to skew the results because all of those people have jobs (and non-work commitments) and no time for studies about who understands what the word "chance" means.


Yeah, university students are notoriously dumb.


I used to think that RVs were called "Bagos" cause my mom always wanted to "Win a Bago." I shortly realized that they were called Winnebagos and then I turned six.



weather that's ALL STATISTICS.
also, generally more accurate than the weatherman on your tv.
i like statistics. but then again, i'm not cool

Vodka girl





trick please

Wow! Really?


I saw this article on Yahoo and thought, "Maybe I have a overly simplistic understanding of the statistics." So I read it, and no, 20% chance means exactly what I thought.

Every day I have less and less faith in humanity.


Forgive my idiocy, but I never was certain what the percentage meant. Growing up in Miami tempers one to the notion that rain and oppressive humidity are a given.

Oh well: I guess I'll strap on my safety helmet, pin my allergy list to my shirt, and take the shortbus back to grad school :-/


University students would skew the results on purpose because they're required to participate in these things.



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