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I love that in the .gif of the ladies trying out the kick that everyone's kicking except for Allison who is just backing away.


They had to send Natalie home because she would have done well with the go-sees and that's not what Tyra wanted.

Who is that stroking Sutan? In the mirror you can see her for a brief moment, but it's no one I recognize. It's as if some random woman just came up to him.


The ANTMonster will haunt my dreams.


Oh boy, I cannot wait to see Teyona's Covergirl shot. She won't even look at the camera, but will be praised.


"Brazilia!" is my favorite sound clip ever.


HA I love the Allison/Teyona/Tyra mashup...Tyronallis?

Also, I was REALLY hoping for a .gif of Natalie's boobs bouncing around like crazy while running to get to the garden!!!!!! For shame, Rich.


I love that Natalie talked back at panel, saying how Jay was giving her nothing but praise during the photo shoot.
FINALLY someone brings this up!
How many times have we seen Jay call someone "genius" only to have Tyra rip them apart later?
It's a staple of ANTM ridiculousness...


I often wish Sutan and I were BFFL's.
His hair has been amazing this season.


Yeah, I don't love Aminat, but I do find it disturbing how they constantly pick on her for the way she speaks and for doing the 'black girl pose.'


Did anyone notice that Teyona's arm was "missing" in her photo? Janice would flip out over that if she were still a judge!!

Miss Lisa

So many crimes against hair have been committed on this show. It's really starting to get to me. I could watch a half-hour of Sutan being interviewed about his take on this show, and that would be a good night's reality TV for me.



Love it.

I, too, will miss Natalie. Not so much because of her modeling skills or lack thereof, though. Mostly because I want to have sex with her.

There, I said it.


See? There is a life after ANTM, Dominique!

You can live your life as a 50-ish woman who inspired a song about being destitute (not a prostitute).

Guy DeLuk

Hope you'll carry on making your recaps- but if you don't, I perfectly understand how tiring this might be.


Argh! Natalie was boring...I'm so glad she's gone. I didn't find her attractive, and kept forgetting who she was until it was down to 7 girls or so. Good riddance. I'd rather look at Celia's train-wreck of a face, because at least it's interesting! Fo may be a little whiny, but she's hawt. It would be nice to have an attractive person win, since it's been a while....McKey? Whitney? Notsomuch.


This recap was funny. Not to say the others are shit, but you excel on little sleep and no time. Travel to LA more often!

Posing as Carmen Miranda in a Brazilian ghetto while street children play in garbage in the background?? On what planet is that not offensive? And the "You look like Miranda = bad, you don't look like Miranda enough = bad, you look like you always do, Teyona = good" bullshit was fucktarded. Spaghetti logic that made my head hurt.

Natalie has a broad, flat Slavic face and beaky nose that reminded me of swiss cheese and mayo stuffed in white bread. Perfect if you wanna be on "The Hills" but otherwise, PASS. I really think the most employable models on the show right now are Celia and Teyona.

I edit videos on weave care as part of my job as a corporate editor, I shit you not. Trust me, a weave comes with a set of instructions, girls! You can't just ball that shit up and call it a day.

Also, my friend Johnny works with a non-for-profit volunteer organization on the Chicago west side and says that every time he takes pictures of sassy black girls they almost ALWAYS do that pose. It ain't racist if it's true, Rich.




I noticed the missing arm Elsapel. I did my own critique out loud to myself that would've made Janice proud.

Great recap as usual. I love allison and keep wondering why Teyona got the weave fix but allison didn't. Makes me think that Teyona is gonna win; Allison's weave sucks, bringing up the age of Celia (Renee anyone?), Aminat just is sucking at photos and Fo isn't pleasing the judges even with a great pic.

Although I still would love the "weird" looking model to win! Go Allison!


Glorious, glorious recap -- one of my favourites you've done in a while.

"It looks like ramen noodles attempted to arrange themselves on her head and then gave up." is the most apt simile I've heard all day, and I've been in Lit classes all day, so that's saying something.

And the gifs! GOOD LORD, the gifs! Finish her!!!!

persian mug

that allison fish gif is the best ever!

Toothy Tile

Ah, memories. I could watch Anya fall off that bus all day long.

As for Teyona's shot, all I could hear in my head was Janice saying "You look like an amputee!"

Also, the photographer for the photoshoot was HOT HOT HOT. Somebody find him, drug him, and send him to me. Thanks.


I love Allison, and Celia. The only reason I don't want one of them to win is that the winner rarely has a good career in modeling once the show is over.

That Aminat (a.k.a Dani jr) is still on the show is ridiculous. Teyona is going to win. She's the obvious favorite. It's Saleshia all over again.


The ANTM Monster reminds me of the movie "Total Recall."

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