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April 14, 2009



This woman seemed full of life and it's a shame she is gone. I'll be renting Insatiable soon.




Glad to see someone else remembering Marilyn fondly. All the trashy Jenna Jamesons and Tera Patricks of the world have nothin' on Ms. Chambers.


not gonna lie, i downloaded "insatiable" from you forever ago and it's one of the top songs on my ipod.


I am SO happy to see this RIP. I've been sad all day, too. Behind the Green Door is one of my favourite movies, and I always thought Marilyn was BEAUTIFUL. So thanks for giving a fan a place to say RIP.


Insatiable was the first porn I ever age. At age 14 or so, I found it in my dad's closet, made myself a copy, and watched, transfixed. My favorite scene, which I watched with the boy from across the street in an effort to seduce him, was the one where she's fucked atop a pool table. That guy in the scene seemed so hot at the time, but I'd probably think he was hideous now.


*I ever saw. Whoops.


I thought there was some interview with her where she really wanted to have sex with pool table guy, but since she was married it only seemed right to do it in the movie. And then she went full force into it. I always thought was weirdly enduring in my twisted mind.


*How about endearing as well as enduring? Nice slip. Time for bed.


this saddens me, as does the death of eve kosofsky sedgwick. man, its been a bad week.


Jack Wrangler and Marilyn Chambers die within the same week? WTF, universe?


So how did this attractive, articulate, pragmatic, seemingly world-wise (but not world-weary) woman from two years ago end up dying in a trailer park? Something terrible must've happened to her, health insurance-wise.

That's what precipitated Margot Kidder's awful downward spiral, anyway. These two saucy broads always seemed cut from the same cloth, to me. Very sad.


So didn't the late Linda Lovelace end up married with kids. And she repudiated her porn past and tried to suggest she had been forced (this has been widely disproved.) I thought I read she had ended up married, maybe with kids. It seems unfair that Marilyn ended up sick in a trailer park without all of that when she stayed true to herself.

BTW, my first porn was Deep Throat speaking of La Lovelace. I saw it without sound on some old film reels my dad had. I was about 14 and my friend that always was getting me into trouble convinced me to let her set up my Dad's film projector so we could watch it. She promptly burnt reel 3 and spliced it with Scotch tape. The reels were marked as being $70 bucks apiece so I was terrified Dad would find out. It seems tho that he didn't often drag out the film projector to sit around and watch porn with no audio. Go figure.




Hear hear! I shall raise a glass in her honor, I remember watching her on the Spice channel while babysitting at my neighbors' house at a tender 13 years of age. Live on, Marilyn!


Thanks for this Rich. I'm not really familiar with her work, but I certainly knew of her. In the video you shared, she seemed like a really cool woman. Thanks. RIP Marilyn.



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