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tyraism 3 and 4 have switched around in the sound lnks


hey, the baby with the goat would benefit from some underoos or something.


Allison's Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul reference was indeed golden. Haha.


sandra's pic was the most silly pic in the history of americas. next. top. model.

Rob W.

I don't even watch this show but I still read these for moments like: "It isn't even like Mona from Who's the Boss." Glorious. I think I know more about this show than my friends who actually watch it. I love it.


As good as ever!


I howled like a weirdo at "throw her under the coffee pot".
yo, how stupid was that tyra cutout challenge and who did they employ to cut out her face?! Naomi?!?!


I can't believe you pulled out The Gnome King. A-mazing.


I'm surprised you havent commented on the "Once there was a be-yoo-tiful model" spots that Tyra has to narrate herself.

They make me laugh, week in and week out.

That said - thanks again for the recap :)
It adds a bit of excitement to the dreariness of Mondays.


ah great as always!
I love how tyra has such a huge crush on herself. But I feel like I have to warn her that the woman she is in love with is a total douche.
speaking of douche, ahem, tahlia. and I love the glo worm ref. Sweet.


I knew this recap would be gold because of the stupid challenge. The 'I'm Sorry' card made me laugh so hard that I scared my cat. Loved it, as always... and I'm glad someone else hates Tahlia like I do. Get the fuck out already, bitch.


As always you are hilarious, Rich. I'm especially happy that you made Allison (who I love and should win this damn thing, or at least be in the top three) into the big-eyed lamb that turned Lisa Simpson into a vegetarian! "Lisa, you said you loo-oo-ooved me!"


"This month, it's Supermodels Unlimited, who knows what next month holds? Atlantic City Weekly? Hype Hair? Weekly Reader?"

This made my morning!


I wish we could've had Aminat tell Sandra on her way out "Bye bitch!"

"...suggesting that she felt remorse for throwing Tahlia under the coffee pot last week..."

OUCH! That's why Tahlia is there, to seek revenge on Celia and her scar inducing death stare.


Gnome King! Does that make Tyra head switching Mombi?

Sarah G

Great post! I couldn't stop laughing when Jay kept telling the girls that they were "giving good face." It reminded me of the radio edit of Nas' Oochie Wally where they awkwardly replace "head" with "FACE!"


It made me so mad that they picked a frontal-face shot for Sandra because Nigel wanted to see her do something other than a profile, yet it's okay for Talia to give that same, tired profile face every.single.time. WTF? Stop trying to make Tahlia happen!

Also, I laughed so hard at the "Models in Action" segment last week...Fashion Bug is apparently hot stuff. pfffaahahahahaha. Oh, Whitney...


I love you for using Epcot.


love you Rich, but Beth Ostrosky is about as WASPy as Woody Allen. It's not WASPY just because it has blonde hair and lives in the Hamptons.

Also, your Thalia hate is borderline disturbing. I mean yes, she's a crap model and Tyra has her there just to exploit her, but is she really so offensive? And Natalie sucks.

Noel  Brinkley

Loved the Chicken Soup reference too. Also really Special Victims Unit needs to go. She is annoying to watch. This isn't Britain's Missing Top Model and she's no fun. side note....on a GaGa tip hope you've heard I Poke Her Face Kid CuDi, Kanye, Common and sampling Lady GaGa.


Rich, what do you make of the fact that Tyra includes that little girl in her pictures each week? Who is she, some child Tyra abducted?


Also, great recap! Sorry, forgot to mention that :)


So I'm pretty sure you're the funniest person I've never met. Bravo!


Glo worm. Ha!

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