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I love how he looks crossed eyed in that last picture of the top group. He's so cute.


rich, one day i'm going to steal winston and he will be all mine!!

Washington "Speaks Fluent Cat" Cube


This all seems normal to a cat owner, to wit:

1) My former cat Trot always would rip your lips off, or finger, for a french fry. My brother's cat, Rudy, would do the same for a graham cracker. Cat's have weird, personal food fetishes.

2) Cat's always do that tuck paw thing. My cat would tuck both in, like a little Buddha.

3) They love sitting on top of whatever has your attention. If you are playing the piano? Walk across the keys, or lay on the keys. Writing with a fountain pen. Sit there watching then flick your tail across the wet ink. Computers? Lay on the keyboard and start shoving your paw up inside the printer tray.

Oh? I'm sorry. Was I IGNORING YOU????

Winston and his plaque? "You may honor me now." Of COURSE he approves. He's a cat. Bow wow down.


I love Winston. He has the most perfect name ever. It fits him to a T. An American Apparel Hypercolor T that I'd cut out my kidney to own.

Cat lover

I really, I mean REALLY recommend you to take it off the laptop! > cat peed on my laptop...




I couldn't agree more with "reese" and her winston/stewie griffin comparison. Spot on!


I love that cat.

Andrea in Brooklyn

Winnie has the right paw on standby in case an immediate swat or grabbity-grab-grab becomes necessary. My blue Persian Dee Doo sits this way, but left foot forward.



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