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April 02, 2009



I've seen this so many times already, I love it.

And your banner is really creeping me out..


Thank you for the introduction to Everything is Terrible. God bless the VHS.


ohgod creepy lip lick....




"A child is like a business. You have to treat it as one." It? IT?!?!? OMG. How atrocious. Stage mothers and fathers should be whipped into polo ponies. I'm just sayin'.


I wonder if the parents from Danny Bonaduche's "I Know My Kids a Star" ever watched it.

Absolutely hilarious!!! "That is a no-no!"


Dina Lohan has this in her library.


The creepiest part by far -- "You have to infect them with the bug of show business." The bell ringing is definitely my favorite, though. I need to make an animated gif of it. The hair and glasses just cap it off.


Er, just, "You infect them with the bug of show business." Just ... *shudders*


you're totally into children being judged, aren't you?

Lina Dohan

Does California child labor law allow me to put foster kids in commercials and keep a significant portion of the child's earnings? How does one become a foster parent in CA? Has the law changed since this was filmed? I assume you can't actually whip the kids like polo ponies, right?


Your description of the Cats-extra-cat-god-worshiping child actually made me laugh so hard I cried.

John R.


I love Everything Is Terrible!


this reminds me of all the controversy over that crying child in the antismoking ad, that was said to cry real tears. May have just been the saddes thing ever.


I wonder if Stephen Colbert took cues from Mark Alyn.


LOL i have never seen this and i am over here in tears seriously hilarious


Uh, next time, how about a "Spoiler Alert" for those of us who haven't seen Cats yet?



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