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Not sure if this link will work but I saw Taylor Mac do a cover of this song live a few weeks ago and it blew my mind.

Hope it works. It's really worth checking out. The song starts around 1:33.

Holy Cuteness

That song really sticks in your head. Not really like it, but cant get rid of it...


LOVE this song...there are so many bad r&b songs out right's heaven


This and that "sex on the beach" song haunted my dreams while I was in LA a couple weeks ago.

By the by, have you heard Soulja Boy's "Gucci Bandana"? Cause .. *jumps off balcony*


embrace the teenager within.

Lolita Hazed

Seriously, I can't get enough bad shit on my iPod, and Soulja Boy is just a Prime Minister of that category right there.


Soulja Boy Tell 'Em is the definition of wack.


As much as I hated everything from his first CD, I've really enjoyed both of the singles he's released from his new album.

I also love hip-hop/R&B's obsession with Bonnie and Clyde. I'm not going to get into the differences between life and film, but between the Jay-Z/Beyonce song, Fergie/Luda music video for Glamorous (which I sadly had to sing in my head to spell correctly - good thing I wasn't trying to spell 'tastey'), and other lyrical references I'm sure I'm forgetting it becomes a little much. I wonder if the remake/reinterpretation with Hilary Duff will make any of the adoration die down.

runescape accounts

Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago and have been reading it over the past few days.


And now for your comments on " sex. sex." I seriously can not understand that song.


"I really wanna kiss ya, but I cain't"
Absolutely hands down my favorite part of this song. It sends me into paroxysms of giggles every time I hear it. Something about the defeated intonation in the "but I cain't" maybe?

the maljax

What I love about this song is that it's so vague about why he can't be with her. So I make up all these terrible scenarios. I pretend that he's on the run because he just killed someone, or making his one phone call because he just got arrested for killing someone.


oh wow...i hate this song with a fuckin' passion. i can't even get thru the whole thing. i'm all for dumbed down pop, but soulja boy lost me with this one.

my current guilty pleasure is flo rida's (sigh) sampling/rape of dead or alive "you spin me round"...i almost couldn't type that for the shame, but dammit if that ain't a catchy song!!


Omg, his name is Soulja Boy Tell Em!?! Omg.


I cannot abide by this song personally - I have difficulty with the premise of kissing someone through the phone (which I do recognize is the tip of an iceberg the size of California). However, I have definitely had a near-identical discussion about Lady GaGa's Poker Face because: AWESOME song, SO danceable, SO amazing, but... bluffin' with my muffin? Really? I mean, I'll sing it; I'll support anyone bluffin' with their muffin, but I still don't - nor do I have a desire to - understand.


I got stuck in rented cars in California once as well. The result? I became hooked on the immortal Jack Wagner's "All I Need."


I'd rather hear more and see more of the infamous WINSTON! ....and his cute mush mouse face.....


I feel this way about every single SBTE song, I hate them, but I love "IM ABOUT THE BIZZZZZZZZZ!! GET MY SWAG OOOOoooOOOONNNNN! la dah dee dah dah WHAT'SUP?! YEAAAAAH GETTIN' MONAAAAAAY OOOOOOOOHHH!" and will blurt it anytime, anywhere.


I HATE THIS SONG. Thank you for pointing out its deficiencies.


Bluffin' with my muffin is lyrical genius!


@Ted -- Muffins aside, you have to admit that "stunnin' with my love, glue-gunnin'" is just brilliant.

@the OP -- I'd hate this song with a violent passion if I weren't so fascinated by its sheer neediness.


@bec - obviously, any and all lyrical references to the Bedazzler are by definition the most awesome thing ever. Especially when the aforementioned Bedazzler is obviously being applied to one's face.


I have a love/hate relationship with this song as well.....but I "cain't" help it!!!!


Have you seen the music video? There are couples kissing through the phone but near the end there's a Chinese woman kissing through the phone but they didn't show the recipient. I just find that odd. They went through the trouble of pairing up all the other couples and she's by herself.

Hate to admit it, I do make kissy noise to my partner through the phone when we don't see each other that day.



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