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May 20, 2009





I SQUEALED when I read Celia's name. I LOVED Celia. Homegirl, you should have won. You will go far, don't let anyone tell you a thing about your age because...you aren't that old. Don't let the deluded industry get to you.


I'm going to have that Toktok vs Soffy O song stuck in my head forever now. :P


She is super cute and funny (and ancient!). Great interview! I think you two should be friends...


I figured this an interview with one of the girls was what you were hinting at. I totally want Celia's ring.


That is a helluva ring she's wearing.


Love it! Celia is awesome. Thank you for totally making my day!


Love her! She seems like the most down to earth and coolest of the girls.


LOVE HER. If you get a chance to talk to her again, ask her about that jacket. its gorg.


She reminds me of Tracie. I don't know if it's the setting that reminds me of PP vids, but they both carry themselves similarly.

That said, it's refreshing to see someone approach ANTM as a game. As much as Tyra makes it out to be a competition, a game is what it boils down to. She seems smart...and practical...which is an anomaly on the show.


@ gill: The New York piece says her jacket is Kate Moss for Topshop. looove it.


i knew it! i knew it was an interview with celia :D
i'm glad to find out i wasn't wrong about her. she is smart! tyra set her up for failure. she could have chosen to keep her mouth shut, but she stood her grounds and gave us drama. isn't that what we're watching this for?
also, natalie was PISSED when she was eliminated, i'm so not surprised she called bullshit on them. damn, i wish i were the editor for this show.

love you rich, love you celia - good luck on your future endeavors :)


This is awesome, I LOVED Celia on the show. Keep it fierce, girl!


I love Celia. She's brilliant. Thanks so much!!! (And I so want to see that Natalie / Tyra catfight....)


What a sweet and interesting girl! Thanks for bringing us this, Rich. I really love that she has a sense of humor about herself. That's something that is sorely lacking in so many people in this day and age.



I <3 her and I <3 you, so this interview made me ridiculously happy.
You are made of pure awesomeness!


I never thought Celia looked old. She just has a serious/edgy face, like Lara Stone. But I have to say, here with her hair longer, different lighting etc, she looks much prettier and softer than she did on ANTM. I can only imagine what they did to make her look older so that her elimination made any sense...just like poor "fat" London being shot from below.
Tyra, you a bitch.


Ok, I love Celia, and I love that she's willing to dish and all, and I too am dying to know more about the Natalie smack down. . .

. . .but the biggest shocker to me is that you didn't IMMEDIATELY realize that Thalia was the republican. She's an unwed, knocked up, stank mess from Glendale, AZ. Anyone who fits that description totally has McCain/Palin and "It's a Child, not a Choice" bumper stickers on the back of their 1992 Chevy truck.

But maybe you have to have grown up there to know that?


Celia is awesome, and one of my favorite hamsters, but I do think styling or something else in the fashion industry would work out for her more so than modeling.


I really like her! She seems smart and genuine. And I love all the background info -- editting will GET you. That's one reason I would never be on a reality show. The editors can make you look how ever they want.

I hope Celia succeeds and does well at whatever she chooses, she's got the looks and the personality for it.


OMG rich i love you and celia was one of my favs!


I am so thrilled that of all the people to interview, this was with her! I'm going out on a limb and saying she's probably my favorite Top Model contestant of all time. She's just... lovely. And this was so great to see. Thanks for posting, as always :)


Love Celia, she was my favorite 'To win' and was surprised she got the boot. I love the dirt...

but 10 minutes? There has to be a part 2 if she spent a hour on your couch!!!!


I thought Celia was the best and she proved it in this interview. ANTM is a game. And Tyra is the puppet master with vagina arms.

Thanks Rich, you. are. so. pretty.


that new york post spread is fantastic. CELIA FOR PRESIDENT.

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