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I envy you, because you get to talk with some of the ANTM girls!!


Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love!!!




Wow, she really is a lot cuter in this video than she seemed all season. Maybe because she's happy and/or relaxed?


I've decided this video is a little birthday present to me. Rich is one of my favourite people EVER and this interview with Celia is so interesting and entertaining. This cycle of ANTM has not showed yet in the UK but I am looking forward to it even more now. (I'm 31 today btw - still not as old as Celia "Methulsela" Ammerman... apparently.)


Gah. The internet gestapo will get me if I watch vids at work. :( I don't know how I'm going to make it until 5pm.
Longshot--anyone want to spoil it for me?

Office Girl

I genuinely like the way that Celia comes through my television (energetic, smiles easily, good command of pronunciation and vocabulary) and want her to be able to capitalize on the momentum from ANTM, but she has GOT to stop fidgeting so much (pushing her hair, playing with her rings, wide sweeping gestures). Having a bit more composure and being in command of her nervous energy to make MORE out of LESS movement when speaking will enhance her presence. I hope to see more and hear more from her :-)


Can we have Allison on here as well? LOVE Celia. I want to see more of her, she's fun. Ask her about Rihanna coming to Intermix lol (dunno if you saw those photos).


I would do unforgivable things to see the shit that ends up on the cutting room floor of this show.

Celia looks great and is fabulous. She's a gem worth more than the show could offer her.

Please talk to Allison if you can!


Dude, as much as I love Sheena, that Celia interview was freaking amazing. Natalie called Tyra on her bullshit is most easily...the most interesting thing about Natalie. Someone needs to release a Christian Bale style audio of that shit.

But in a related thought, wasn't the integrity of the show already "damaged" by showing Mr. Jay praising her shoot in the first place? And also, not the first time such a discrepancy has occured.

Hearing that Tahlia was a McCain lover, her pregnancy and poor articulation now make total sense. Sigh.

Celia's hometown is maybe 30 minutes from mine so it's heartwarming to see her get all this recognition. I wish I could see her and Elise from C1 together.


I NEED to know more about Natalie's fight! AAAAAH juicy!!! you go girl throw down that hoe!

Dan Renzi

This is better than Christmas.


Best ANTM-related moment of all time: "But then I went up there and stared into her eyes and I was like, 'Bitch is terrifying.' "


nice love couch.



i want to see that fight soooo bad

Celia please spill the beans as an anonymous comment or some shit....


Love you Celia! You should have won.


She is fantastic BUT could she stop saying "like" every other word? That habit makes her sound like a moron even when what she is saying is very thoughtful.

fo sho yo yo

God, I was hoping you would ask about her hair. She looks like a mop right now... A tall blonde mop.

potty mouth princess

Celia's AWESOME!!!!! I'm glad she didn't win so she can have a real career. My dream is if she befriended Laura Bennett and they had some sort of fashion show.


I am seriously not meaning to be mean right now, but i just realized who she looks like.
Ms. Babcock from the Nanny.
seriously watch it, Cecila was one of my favorites by the way, she played the game as best she could.


So funny. Both of you are so funny. Great interview. I like you both. :)

Penny Lane

That was awesomely entertaining, but did she ever stop fluffing her hair for the hour you were talking to her?


Celia's cute and has a great sense of humor, but her much-vaunted sense of style could use some editing. Remember, look in the mirror and take off one piece of jewelry. You're a bit cluttered lady!


I agree that she seems more suited for some kind of fashion styling or TV hosting job - she's perceptive and speaks well (compared to models like Teyona, who sounded like a giddy 13-year old all the time), plus she's respectful when she knows she better be yet still has backbone and a sense of humor. It would be cool if she can make a living with those qualities, rather than off her look, which is slightly one-note.


Like, when I watched the show or whatever, I like, totally thought that Celia was like, smart or whatever, but now, I'm like, totally disappointed or like, whatever.

Johnny K

Like, I like Celia, like.

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