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May 20, 2009



"That also explains why she's pregnant,"
I think I liked her in these ten minutes than I did with how they presented her on the show.
And I'm so glad you got to do this before she passed on from being pre-historic.


Damn, Tyra is such a bitch!!

Well I knew you'd be doing an interview, but I assumed it would be with Allison since you've gotten that special gift from her, but Celia was awesome. Now you need to interview Allison. Seriously, you could entertain me for ages by trying to track down and interviewing as many past ANTM girls as possible.


Celia and Allison were my two faves on the show. I second the previous poster, can you interview Allison too?


Kate Moss for Top shop darling, totaly cute, and what a ring!


She's exactly how I imagined her to be IRL:
engaging, personable, funny and charmingly philosphical. She totally digs you too, Rich ;)

Also, this totally outs me as the biggest hypocrite after what I wrote about backstage cat-fights and gossip etc, but damn - I really need to know more about the Natalie vs. Tyra throwdown.




Seriously you are just fucking adorable!!! Loved this, thank you!!!
And if someone could get the tape of the Tyra/Natalie fight I would be in heaven...


Did you see how Celia turned and looked around herself when she was talking about Aminat cutting off her fingers and legs? She is still scared of her!

Watch out! Aminat might cut off your eyelashes! Or your left middle toe!


Celia is my favorite contestant to EVER grace ANTM, not even kidding. Thanks so much for interviewing her!


Amazing! I love how genuinely "nice" she is - funny and smart too. Thanks for doing the interview and sharing it with us. I always loved Celia and now I love her even more!


Celia has the most grace out of any contestant I've seen on ANTM. Especially when she was eliminated. I'd love to be friends with her!




Pure awesome. I love love love celia so this was an amazing treat for me.


Is that a Hello Kitty ring on her finger? JEALOUS!

Celia is a doll. Love love love this girl. She reminds me of one of the many Rachels I know.


way better than sheena's interview but i think at celia's old age she is a much wiser interview subject than sheena


Celia is awesome, seriously awesome.


I'm so in love with Celia. Seriously, such a smart, sweet and stylish girl. I'm so glad ANTM didn't get her down and she's got such a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

I'm so jealous of her accessories. Stunning!

Rich, you've gotta post the whole thing, there's got to be more! And get her back (have her bring Allison along too!) for a part 2, because I need to know more!!


Rich! This was awesome. Way to scoop all the juicy ANTM details. I agree that you should bring her and Allison back for more!


I really liked Celia on the show and I think it's lame that people are talking about her "old age" keeping her from being a successful model. Fashion modeling is just a small (albeit high-profile) part of the modeling industry. Commercial modeling (where the real $$$ is) includes people of all ages -- from the thirty-five year old, khaki-wearing mom in a Swiffer commercial, to the "where's the beef?" granny. Celia brings the personality and knows how to convey a certain "energy" on screen. She could definitely find work as a commercial model.


Wow, that made my day. Although, I really wish she spilled more dirt. I want to know what was said in the Natalie/Tyra brawl.

Do you think Thalia will become a pageant mother? I can totally see her standing in the audience pleading with her child to smile more.

Thanks Rich and Celia!!!


Oh man, Rich, the look on your face when you say "Trying!?!" is hysterical. Love it.


Can you please do a "like" count for Celia on that interview??? I enjoyed it, like everything you post but OMG I was imaginging a "like" count meter on the side(hommage to the crying count?!?) Also - I cannot fathom that the comment above mine says "Celia for President". That makes my brain hurt.


whoops - "Celia for President" was at the end of page one comments. But still...


Tahlia was TRYING to have a baby?!


I felt for Tahlia when I thought she had accidentally been knocked up because she thought she couldn't get pregnant. Now she's just another naive baby crazy girl who won't be able to support her. I've known dozens in my short time around. =\ But I also thought of the same thing about the pregnant teen at the photoshoot, and yet Tyra was all, "YAY TAHLIA, HAVE BABIES AT 18 OR 19 WHEN YOU CAN'T SUPPORT THEM!! WE'LL APPLAUD YOU BECAUSE WE KNOW YOUR NAME AND NO ONE CAN BOO BABIES!"


Oh, and also, I ♥ CELIA. That behind the scenes info? Sounds kind of crazy. I really want some Behind the Music type show to do something on ANTM, sans Tyra, because that would be really interesting to see.

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