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Oy veh, I have to say I'm totally on the Celia Love-Train! She's smart, styled to a T, and she's got, that coolness factor that just makes you want to take her out for drinks and smoke a dooby while chatting about Tyra's wigs.

Rachel D.

Damn. I want to kidnap Celia and force her to be my personal stylist. That girl has mad style.

And it's awesome to watch her oh-so nonchalantly shrug off the haters. As long as she continues to project that confident, self-assured attitude, she'll always be the sexiest bitch on the block. Good show, girl.


very amusing. Thanks, Rich. Keep 'em coming.


it's been a week... i need more fourfour!


: jordanbaker - hey a-hole.

R doesn't mean slutty - thats what D (also for Demented) means.

All the R's I know are honest hard working charitable people, who expect personal responsibility, not easy way out and sucking off of others.

Intelligent and capable. Not dumb and gutter trash. Or "idealistic" but lazy.

hester p

she needs to phase the word "like" out of her vocabulary.

Celia is broke

Eww, she is a butter face mega-loser. Did you all vote for McCain too? Yuck.


Couldn't you have edited out all her "like"'s and any part where she just stuttered and didn't actually say anything? It would have shaved at least 5 minutes off the vid and saved room for actual dialogue.

Not hating, just noticing begrudgingly.

Monica C.

Well, I'm just glad she didn't say the whole entire show was rigged. Phew! And I would have loved to have seen the Natalie showdown.

Rich, you are too cute. You kind of remind me of JD (was that his name?) from the last Real World - only much, much cuter!


I impressed with how together she was....very laid back.



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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Celia looks very cool and her interview always a new in Media so lot of fans around here.

Craig Turner

I absolutely FLOVED Celia, so this interview made my day. You're so cute and personable, and the interviewer/subject chemistry was off the charts. It felt like you've known one another for years and were just playing "interview" with a video camera for giggles.

The only thing this interview was missing: Winston.


Holy crap I lost count how many times she used the word "like"!!! Read a book!

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Good followup, Ira. I'm guessing the newspaper didn't have a staff reporter at the scene, but got whatever information they printed after the fact from police reports.

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What an inspiring life story. Congratulations on making your dream come true.

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