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May 15, 2009



you have no idea what this has done for me. no. idea. i spent four hours a month ago looking for images of coko's nails. and here....here they are....i'm weeping.


Where's Vh1 on a reality show about a beauty salon ran by Coko & Saaphyri?


Girl is a parakeet, truly.


Hey Rich,

Have you watched Taj on Survivor? She's in the final four. It doesn't look like she's going to win but she's been awesome all season.


She's like Jack Skellington!


i especially enjoy the gifs where both hands are wrapped around the microphone. it looks like it's encased by a ribcage. BEAUTY.


How does she wipe her ass?




GOKO! I always loved her explanation that long nails "run in her family." Genius. The shedding of dead cells in the form of nails and hair runs in my family too!

Miss Lisa

Rich--genius or mad man? This is definitely the stuff of pop-induced nightmares and reminds me of the "other mother" in Coraline.


This is brilliant. The thing I remember most about SWV is a video where Coco wears some black gloves in a few scenes, and that just blew my mind. Like- were they specially made? Do they make crazy claw gloves?


you hav brought me such joy.


I took care of LeeLee's son Khiry when he was 4 and 5 years old (at a daycare center) and that kid had diamond earrings the size of large pebbles in his ear. It was amazing. I met LeeLee a few times and she was nice but her nails just weren't as impressive. I did like her hair though, she had the long/short thing going on.


Tyson Beckford looks like he is saying "Ewwwww, nasty azz nails...they don't pay me enough for this shyt!" in his head in that last gif.


oh my god, how DOES she wipe her ass?

Queen Lena

That ass-wiping question is no joke. I'm concerned, really, in a medical sort of way.


Totally... Inquiring minds want to know: how does this girl clean her arse?


Not impressed.


Gah, preview showed image, joke ruined.


The sloth comment. The sloth comment! Indeed, that is exactly what I thought when I saw the gif of her slowly grasping the mike... the most fabulous sloth that ever was.


oh freakin' nice. love her, love this.


She looks like Nosferatu.


I'm ashamed to admit that I only know of SWV because of Taj on Survivor but I've come to see the light. They are FIERCE AS FUCK.


This nails kept me in a trance in my teen years. Once you get into adult years you really realize how impratical they are.

I love the GIFs of her pushing her hair out of her face or clapping.

Bravo Rich!


The ass-wiping question was always ALWAYS on my mind way back in the day. My brother and I had a full on discussion about it over Fruit Roll Ups and Lunchables when I was in the 3rd grade. And I still want to know!

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