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Wow!! I can't believe I used to think her nails were the business! Lol! You should try and find images of all the celebrities that wore Cross Colors!


That. Is. Disgusting.


this is so awesome! I love SWV


The awesome SWV collection can be found here:


The gif of her clapping reminds me of some crazy Jim Henson creation. Horrible hand prosthetics from The Dark Crystal perhaps.






Boll Weevil

Coko's superlong, naturally curved talons are the stuff of legend. Her detractors have obviiously been denied the touch, the caress of long, sexy nails. O well. Coko is one in a billion; super talented, super tantalizing. She is deeply missed.


If she breaks a nail it could peel all the way back to her neck.

"Oh my god, what's the matter?!"
"I broke a nail."
"You're bleeding from your neck! Somebody, get help!"

The gifs are hypnotic.


This is damn near your best post ever, Rich!! Takes me back to summer after 6th grade, playing my "Weak" tape single until it almost popped!


Rich uhhh are you aware that the link to your "Twitter" is actually a link to the Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat website? Was that intentional? Is it like getting Rick Rolled...only with Keyboard Cat?

Benny B

if she grabs a really big puff of toilet paper and holds it with the sides of her fingers i bet she can get in there pretty good. all depends on the size of her booty thoough...



Generic Viagra

I don't care how hot the girl might be, I would never dare to date someone with those nasty nails. She is so disgusting!!!


OH MY GOD this is so awesome. I always loved Coko's nails and thought she was so badass for having them. UGH. I am weeping as well.


why people are so worried about how she wiped is beyond believe. Do you really think she does somethign different? And why do you want to know? Don't you know how to wipe yours so now you need tips? Geez, the lady had long nails, and they were beautiful. They made her unique and lets be honest if she didn't have them long SWV would probibly NOT have been as famous as they became. So the lesson to learn, long nails makes you unique and stand out from the crow. Then again, was that not what we were taught as kids, to be yourself and unique and not become a cookie cutter that soceity demands you to be?

Kellie Altieri

She's like Freddy Kruger with a vag .. and black face. No offense.

Kellie Altieri

omg - LMFAO @ "YOU A SLOTH". That comment seriously would have made me spit my beverage, if I were drinking one. AWESOME


I remember how itecxed I was when I found this album. Unfortunately it was one of the few times I've actually deleted an album from iTunes. The 50 MB I saved was more valuable. I did keep the Changing Faces track though. Agree the concept was worthwhile.

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