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Fish eye lens + high angle = looking short in a photo. And the judges were shocked by this?

In other news....water is wet, the earth revolves around the sun, bears shit in the woods, etc.


Love Celia's still being here, and the Yosemite Sam reference- glad you gave another funny recap :)


why is there not a gif of celia grabbing the moob? :(



fuck geese remark had me lol'in. in a literal sense.

hair skull anyone?


Pooping after coffee? LOL.. think it's time to call a doctor, Rich.

Also, so glad I'm not the only one who noticed Tyra's hair growing in size!

And ROFL at the California Raisin comment and pic. I was thinking Bobble Head, but "California Raisin" is so much better.

Thanks again for making me laugh on a Monday.


YES!! You commented on the Nigel-chest hair thing!

Oh, Fo. She really did a lot for your crying count.


How come they're not coming down on Alison for the condition of that weave?? I'm drawing a blank but many cycles ago I KNOW they gave a girl grief about the lack of upkeep...was it Shannon? Anyways, Alison still FTW

Miss Lisa

The Allison link to her photos is so like the Margaret Keane Gallery (a San Francisco art staple of big-eyed waifs that is completely ignored by art critics worldwide).

My parents had a Keane girl ("The Waif") hanging up during my early childhood--a pixie-haired blonde, wearing a yellow dress and black tights, standing in a back alley in a dirty, polluted city environment. No bloody nose, but pretty damn frigthening. They finally put it in the closet when they realized how horrifying it was and I used to go in there and scare myself with it sometimes. I think Allison should reenact these 60s-era paintings and forge a new career path in kitsch art reproduction.


ha! before I even read your comments I looked at the shot of Fo and thought, "damn, that girl looks like a California Raisin!"


Thank god you noticed Tyra's hair. I was going on about it so much during panel that my partner was all "Okay! Her hair is big! She's a black girl!" (which started a whole thing about how her hair is unbeweaveable and ergo, not black - suffice to say we missed any lulz available during panel).

Although I was aware of (and commented on) creepy fat guy, creepy Nigel, creepy-chan's creepy hair (in between cheering for Fo's exit edit); I was unaware of the creepy soul eating designer. Thanks for that. White girl will haunt my dreams tonight.

Perhaps last week's Alison fish-gif will charm me back into sweet dreams...

Nice recap!


It's ok, I poop after coffe too.

Rich, you are hilarious this week. There really is a skull in Alison's weave and America's Next Erykah Badu would be amazing, but only if it was still hosted by Tyra. "I want you to express a month of the year through the way you wrap your headscarf."

Katie Ann

I wondered if Tyra had some chicken wire or some sort of scaffolding under her hair this week, dayum. And did anyone else think Paulina looked a LOT like Debra Messing in this episode?


Lord. That chubby dude reminds me of Flounder from Animal House. Maybe it was that dude....

I think Fo was really Naima-esque in her photo shoot. When I looked at that I thought "damn, she looks like Naima there." It's funny, because Naima used to do a lot of that crouching thing and they loved it from her. But they just keep telling Fo she's scrunched over. What's the dif?

I kinda like Ty-ty's huge hair. And I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Allison needs to wash her hair.

Guy DeLuk


Courtney Crave

Tyra's hair totally reminded me of Gene Wilder's in Willy Wonka. But not as awesome.


foie wah wah waaaaaah = best.

also, i can't beweave there's someone else on this planet who simultaneously appreciates ANTM, aphex twin, AND the california raisins.



Look at Aminat and Teyona in the helicopter. WHY does Aminat have her hands in Teyona's crotch?


Unsurprisingly, I watched the judging and kept wondering if you would comment on Tyra's horizontal hair. For a show about modelling, I find it more than a little odd that her hair is frequently a fashion don't.

And, I'm not feeling Teyonna but didn't she normally dress ok for panel? Other than that one babydoll dress which I didn't think was offensive. I thought they liked a tank and jeans which is what I remember her wearing. Isn't that the model uniform? Why did she need to dress up?

And also, never practice before a photo shoot? Doesn't that contradict literally years of ANTM advice? Dare I ask how could they sleep on it if they don't know what the shoot is the day before? Am I thinking about this too much? Which is to say, am I thinking about this at all?

This show is indeed going downhill and yet Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel is a snooze. I can't figure it out.

Dandy Darkly

I thought the fat dude was hot in a nasty fat dude kind of way.

When Nigel fondled him...he fondled all us nasty fat dudes.

You should have seen Obsessed! "Breathe Bitch!"

Great recap. You had me laughing out loud.


Longtime listener, first time caller:
Rich, you have GOT to see "Obsessed." The climactic cat fight is like "Death Becomes Her" in Dereon Jeans.


Hysterical "Creeperton" comment!
Now I can't stop giggling...


What is up with fat dude models arm, esp. in the grabbing photo with Celia? It looks burnt in a strip and is missing a lot of hair! Weird. I hate Teyona and her gigantic mouth. Oh, and with Fo being short, aren't they doing a whole show with short models next cycle? Go-see's are gonna HATE them next season then.

Another Kristin

Fo = California Raisin, yes; but also? Mr. Jenkins of Tanqueray fame.

Awesome recap as always!! especially Allison's "Fucking geese" face.


so, was i the only gay dude who kept checking out the Muscle Speedo Guy flexing his bi's in the background in Celia's pic? DAYUMMMMM... with an accent on the YUM.

in my next life i want to be reincarnated as his green speedo, so i can spend all day on his ass :)


Allison went to my high school. Total art nerd and totally creepy, and she's prolly the only reason why I'm watching this season....

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