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May 13, 2009


Dandy Darkly

Thats what I imagine sex with a woman must be like.


Damn dude. Your cats are amazing. All my cat does is yell at birds on the fire escape.

Also. How did they get Wilford Brimley into cat form?


Rudy isn't there to make friends.


My cats "play" like this all the time...when the howling and hissing starts is when we know a catfight is on! Looking forward to Round 2.


Oh man this is great! I love that they're punching each other and you can hear the actual punching sounds. Also, the fur that falls off Winston when he shakes after the fight!


I always get nervous when my cats fight, 1 cat always starts howling and crying right away so I break them up pretty quick...I can relate to tufts of fur being left all over the place.


Was that a chunk of Winnie hair that flew off when he was shaking at the end? OMG IS WINSTON'S WEAVE FALLING APART?!
I love how cats stop for a second and then continue fighting. Are they catching their breath? Reassessing their strategy? Farting on their opponent?


I love the smack rudy gives winston before they paused on the bed, it was so loud it sounded like a movie sound effect ahaha


Mine do this alot and it usually begins with one them biting the other in the place where balls used to be. If you ever want to piss a cat off that is the ticket!

Miss Lisa

Nice "harrumph" face near the end there, Winnie.


Rude gets some good bitch slaps in so funny


I saw (and heard) a couple bitchslaps thrown!



trick please

I think Rudy won this one.


Rudy is way tougher & clearly stronger, but it is clear that Winston fights dirty. Bravo.


Judging from the number of landed punches, I think Rudy is the winner.


Two cats enter....one cat leaves. (Sorry, late night with Mad Max.)


Damn Rudy sure knows how to kick the crap out of winston!
btw there was another catfight you might be interested on; Paulina got fired from ANTM because she had an ego problem lol


My two boys fight like this sometimes. They usually start licking on each other then one of them decides to bite the other where the nuts used to be. However, they only bitchslap for a few minutes. Then they start lunging at, and bowling each other over, from across the bed/couch/room. I'm really surprised they don't suffer cracked ribs the way they are sometimes. Stopping them only helps for a few seconds. I'm convinced they watch SciFi when I'm not home and believe WCW is real.


I'm a bit disappointed by this because I was expecting "FINISH HIM!" or a "there ain't gonna be no rematch" voice over, or something...

Holy Cuteness

Haha cool kitty wrestling!


This catfight is, in my opinion, symbolic of the (possible) catfight that occurred between Tyra and Paulina, over her firing...

Just a thought.


you gotta clean your place, lookin mighty gross


watching this during a commercial break from ATNM finale with a superb glass of rioja next to me after a hard day of work is pretty much....it.


The only thing that would make this even more awesome is if they both fell off while fighting.

My two cats do that, and it's hilarious.

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