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Sweetie, you're young - but not that young. Clean.


I don't know why but that made me cry with laughter. It's the sound effects. Hilarious.


Considering the amount of fur flying here, Rich's pad could look a lot worse.


That is quite the vicious slap fight. But what else can you expect from two sexually frustrated males fighting their attraction to each other?

I don't think any of us can forget that mutual bath they gave one another? Now that video was certainly long enough to cause discomfort. Lol!


A smackdown. Actually looks like a little spat compared to what I've seen in Cairo. Happy to see no blood was spilled.


Have you been showing your cats episodes of Dynasty? Those slaps should come with shoulder pads.


@steele: I thought the exact same thing: FINISH HIM!

Also, love that Winston lost a tuft of fur!


CUTE, so cute my siberian cat and siamese, play fight like this too.the siberian is big like a mainecoon and the other one is tiny...guess who wins most of the time, "chuly" the little one.winstons almost looks embarassed that he lost this cute I never saw a pie face cat get made adorable!rudy is cute too...


are people really telling you to clean your house??
it is like a some clothes, people... heaven forbid we be comfortable in our own bedrooms.

also, love the catfight... my boys Scrappers (RIP) and Ut used to do this all the time.


Looks like Rudy started it and Winston finished it. Winston = HBIC!


I'm tempted to say Rudy won but what were they fighting over? Sole ownership of the bed? If so, Winston takes it.

My Pekingnese was attacked by the neighbor's pit bull this week (not to perpetuate breed stereotypes but that dog is neither socialized nor trained yo.) While Colby was mercifully unscathed, he did lost a few clumps of hair much like Winnie.

Pits aren't allowed where I live so now I"m wondering if I should be a total asshat and complain to the office...


I must make a correction"I never saw a pie face cat get mad " not made.Also I believe, that was a feather,from a down, pillow or blanket, falling off of winston!LOL I guess they both got some good, swats and pats.


.....if you look at the pink part of the blanket, u will see another piece of feather, also winston's fur isn't that long.Sorry, I pay close attention to detail too, much I know.


I love how cats just randomly stop fighting. Because they can't be bothered to.


wow, rudy looks more like a boxer than a wrestler, he got some pretty good hooks in. Also I wonder if Rudy thinks Winston is a normal looking cat? LOL I don't know how exposed he is to other cats besides W.


Epic. Cat. Fight. The first word that came to mind was "bitchslap"


I love that though winston gets his ass kicked, in the end he's like "That's right! Run bitch!"


YOUR PLACE IS NOT A MESS......there is just a towel on the floor that winston prob pulled there .LOL!



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You are so funny! Though I'm not an expert, your descriptions of the French perfectly matches my perception of them, especially the fear of embarrassment.

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