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Does Allison have a chance? I mean she's my favorite since Sheena and Asberger Heather but her walk is a little rough...even tho, sometimes Tyra doesn't only go by the walk..and she likes to repeat how much fashion is into youth and Allison's got that.

P.S. anyone living in Canada, Star channel is showing the entire season over again next Saturday before the finale.


I think that Celia looks more like a troll doll in that first image:


Three things:
First of all, the title of this weeks blog made almost spit take. Awesome!
Second, Allison really does look like a Furby in that last gif
Third, I said that too about Aminat using the word dichotomy. I had to rewind to make sure I had heard correctly!

Guy Deluk

Just love Allison and her Pikmin friend, I even think Celia is a little like the White Pikmins- you know how weird and touching they can be. Well, Allison FTW even if she doesn't...


She may be Justified and Ancient, but there's no way she's ever going to Mu Mu Land.


Ah, brilliant. Allison really is a whole lot of crazy -- I looked at her previous modeling attempts when she was Creepy Chan, and damn, that shit could give you nightmares. She's kind of endearing in her weirdness, though. But I highly doubt she'll make the final 2 -- bitch can't walk to save her life. Aminat's pictures suck (HELLOOOOO nostrils in this week's pic), but she has the better walk and the better body compared to Teyona or Allison. And it's been a long time since we've had 2 minorities in the final 2, and Tyra's all about mixing it up, race-wise. It'll be funny when Aminat and Allison are in the final 2, again - that'll probably be a record number of times in the bottom 2 in the history. of. America's. Next. Top. Model. (except I think Jade wins that title...)


Rich, I've laughed at your posts (usually loudly and at work) for a while now, but then you had to go and mention Chester AND Darkwing Duck!'re really pretty.

Rev. Diva Schematic

A KLF reference!
Perhaps you will like this song by Pop Incorporated, they're "Looking for the KLF"

More Winston please.

Soylent Green is Tyra

Allison, admittedly with the help of her 4chan buddies, has been killing the CW poll all season long (it has never been close.) I honestly can't imagine it matters whether she wins this cycle or not, she's going to go on to do crazy cool shit.


you totally overlooked that tyra said that it was the "mathematics" of aminat's face that makes light react strangly to it. Come on, i thought that could have been an -ism, no?


Love Alison. But YOU'RE so pretty.


you had me at chester. love you.


Nothing about the stupidity that is Mr. J? He's going to be hosting Canada's Next Top Model (again and bleh) - hopefully more stupid Jisms.


Chaka Khan't.
Rich, you are perfection. (and you're really pretty, too......!) Go Team Allison.


That chin boggles me. When I watched the ep on youtube I rewound that shit like 50 times just marveling at it. How does it do that? Does she have like a joint in her chin? As you say, she's gifted. She really is.

"You're really pretty" followed by "No, I just thought I would say it" followed by "God, I'm such a square" is incredible. I'm speechless at the beauty of it. She is damn near proof of the existence of a benevolent god. I never thought anyone would match Anya but this puts it beyond all question. They must be introduced. We need an Allison and Anya sitcom. Or preferably channel. Or government.

You forgot to mention Tyra's most awesome moment... when she stumbled, recovered, and immediately blurted out "uh oh, keep it fierce" while striking a pose for an imaginary photographer. Given that this is Tyra, you can't be 100% sure that she's not totally serious, or hallucinating. Which makes it awesome.

Oh, also, need Celia hammertime dance, stat.


PS- Did anyone else notice Tyra at the White House Correspondent's dinner? Whaaaa???

Donny B

Chaka Khan't. Love it. I actually LOL'd (LOL-ed?) and I HATE it when people write LOL.


Ugh. I can't stand Teyona: she's so boring! And she did the same pose this week that she always does! I almost can't bear to watch the finale. I don't know if I've been watching this show too long or if it's just become more predictable, but I've called the last 5 eliminations. I would love love love to see a surprise winner.


Vanessa, she means dynamic, right?


Allison is love. That is all.


"I wake up everyday to Tyra telling me that I'm a pretty girl. It means nothing to me."

Christ it's been such a long day for me today and that just made me laugh out loud.

Celia did not age 9 years in the 6 weeks since casting, did she? I mean, they all acted like she allowed herself to get to this age and it's disappointing. If 26 is such a fucking liability, why cast a 26 year old? I know this has been discussed ad nauseum. It just irks me.

Alison is just not pretty with that weave, I hope she ditches it 1st thing once camera's stop rolling. I don't care for Teyona model-wise. To each his own, I guess.



seriously, though--Teyona's win has been so obvious that even I can see it, and I usually manage to go through life in a delightful little obtuse bubble of denial and unawareness.

Which means. . .it's got a be a fake-out, right? They've been pulling all our legs, right? They're not actually going to let ole' Raptor Face there win (because seriously? Celia may be 25 or 95 or whatever; Teyona still looks like her gramma).


I have loved Allison since day one when she walked in looking all Furby and busting out with lines like "I am fascinated by nosebleeds" <3 it!


Did anyone catch the comment Aminat made after she lost the samba challenge about hating that she's always the runner up instead of the winner? Puh-LEASE do not tell me that was ANTM's way of hinting that she might take this thing.
Also- I love Allison but the shot of her with her hair in a ponytail just shows how much she needs to get her hair out of her freaking face! Hair pulled back- stunning model... Hair down- marmoset.


Allison and Teyona will be in the final runway show. Aminat will not produce a good beauty shot (which the judges have known for the past 6 weeks...remember that awful shot of her with Ciara?) Teyona's beauty shot will be ho-hum (at best), but she'll be praised for it anyway, and Allison's pic will be the best by far and will land her in the final two, but her runway walk will be her downfall, giving Teyona the title. The end.

Then, I will watch Make Me A Supermodel, because they actually eliminate people who deserve to be eliminated.

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