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"Picture of Dorain Gray" = funniest & most apt reference ever. Thank you.


Allison is the best. I love the whites of her eyes. Poor Celia. Tyrant really fucked her over. But, old? Tyra's weave is older.


I wish Allison was my BFF.

I am sad you did not remark on the clips of Paulina's stunt tango, but I love what you have done here.


The only reason I watched any of this season was for Allison. She is mesmerizing! Allison, if you're reading, go on with your alien eyes-having, nosebleed-loving self. I think it would be best for her career-wise to not win. Not that any Top Models have actually become supermodels, but let's just spare her the agony of having to do those bullshit My Life as a Covergirl spots. So lame.


Nothing about Miss J's bird sounds? I mean - NOTHING??? I'm confused, in denial, so face-meltingly angry, and have just now accepted it.

Seriously - that's bullshit.


I absolutely-no-shit though that last gif was a furby when I saw it out of my peripheral vision as I was scrolling down the page! I thought it was a gif style jelly bag, not a true life alison.


I wish you would have highlighted how "you look like shit, but you can still be a fashion designer or something" Tyra's elimination speech to Celia was. She has always told girls how to be better models. "Believe in yourself" or "learn how to smile with your eyes" but not with Celia. She was just straight up "You're a hard worker, so you should be Paulina's personal stylist"
Well, I thought it was really funny at least


OMG- I love Allison. Allison needs to win. Oh- and that face to Paulina when dancing- that has to be a joke.

Genevieve K.

Rich. Bookmark it. Use it. All. The. Time.

stompie smax

i vote for calpis water or pocari sweat coming out of allison's eyes. maybe peach flavored calpis water.


At the end of the cycle, you should seriously do a top ten moments list of the cycle. I guarantee you Allison will be in at least half of them!

Chi Chi Rodriguez

Oh goodness gracious, Allison looks like a muppet in that last .gif you posted! Or maybe she looks like a Feeble? That movie scared the crap out of me :(

Anyway, hope Allison wins, it'd be so much fun to see her segments on my life as a covergirl!!


your references are always so apt. the mucousy chicken in gremlins!!

you're not doing the jellybag this cycle, so i'll direct readers to manually compare the last gif in your post to this.


I've been bursting out laughing all day remembering Allison's face doing the samba, followed by the pineapple photo. Thanks for those.


You didn't mention Aminat's use of the word "dichotomy" when Celia gave the 2nd prize to Allison....she's not as hood as she wants people to believe.


I heart Allison.

And seriously...they gave Janice the boot because she was too mean and never agreed with Tyra's picks? Paulina is brutal and never agrees with any of them! Not that I'm complaining, but just sayin'........


Allison is the fakiest fakerton ever to fake her fake way across a fake fake FAKE. UGH. I guess you'd have to have been a high school girl at some point to recognize her LOL I AM SO UNIQUE AND WACKY AND COUNTER-CULTURE LOOK AT ME NO I DON'T WANT ATTENTION BUT LOOK ANYWAY level of complete and utter BS, but I got tired of seeing it by about age 14.

Fo was the only one out of this cycle I liked at all, but as long as Allison doesn't take it, I'll be happy. I know they're all ~18 and all but Allison in particular has some serious growing up to do before she'll be anything but a horrible embarrassment to the entire species.


EAS: Take some of your own advice and grow up a little. And btw, grow a pair.

red lobster

I just want you to know that I am up very late writing a crappy paper and the three hilarious Tyra soundbites you've put up have made it bearable. Thank you.


Kobayashi Maru biatches! Star Trek ref FTW!
Even though it is the biggest foregone conclusion I'm still going to be crossing my fingers and toes for CreepyChan! 0__0
(Whoa, how appropriate is that smiley all of a sudden?!)


My friend suspects that Allison may take it as there's been a suspicious lack of walking-related stuff in this cycle, which could be to cover up the fact that Allison's walk looks, in my friend's words, like someone broke her left ankle and rammed a marmot up her ass.


Oh if only there could be an Allison/Anyways meeting of the...minds(?).

That would totally blow me a good way.

Maybe Duh-Gina and Natasha could make special guest appearances...


Allison is going to be ROBBED tomorrow. I'm pre-emptively pissed. Teona doesn't deserve the weird obsession from the judges and Celia going home before Aminat is nothing but insult.

But that is not why I'm here. I am here to say... please tell me you know about
Use it with abandon.

Johnny K

Is it perverse of me to love Miss Jay (or at least care about him) and yet hope that he gets the boot at the end of this cycle?


I love your updates. They are the highlight of my work week.
Celia was robbed. But surely her class will be rewarded with a high paying stylist job...she deserves it.

I know I am setting myself up for disappointment but I want Allison to win so badly! Crossing my fingers...

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