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May 11, 2009



Pikmin reference!

Teyona's fucking taking this, but I'm all about Allison right now.


doozer sticks. yesssssss.


First! ?

Megan J

I just about died when Allison when she said "I'm such a square." Allison=love forever.


On that last .gif you have up, Allison is quite striking as a model.

Great recap, Rich. Can't believe Cycle 12 (a/k/a Cycle of the Werewolf) is about over.

Megan J

Also, I have no ability to edit my posts. But still. Allison, call me!


Allison looks like a Furby in that last gif.


Allison FTW!


oh and what about that edited paulina/not-paulina samba-airspin number?


The best part about the moth .gif is that she doesn't respond until after it flies in front of her, not when it lands on her head. Weave must be THAT serious.


Teyona will be America's Next Top Vulcan! Seriously, what is going on with her eyebrows.



"You are so pretty" is the best thing ever.


I love that Alison's eyes are so big that when she blinks her eyelids can't even reach the bottom. I seriously tried to do that in the mirror and I failed.



I'd be pissed for being castoff for something all the judges knew about the whole cycle. Maybe Celia is too old to start out as a model, but they could have mentioned that sooner.

I still dont understand the whole short thing with Fo when Eva Pigford was an inch and a half shorter that Fo was.


Does it take like 10 years to film a cycle? Or does being on ANTM age one like being President? At any rate, I just turned 40 (yeah, I'm way too old be watching this shit) and I'd love to be as fucking ancient as Celia. That bitch has some major class to overlook all those remarks about desperation.

Aminat's picture was attrocious. But, I give her props for finally including the word "dichotomy" in a Top Model episode. As in "She {Paulina} doesn't understand the dichotomy of the friendships in the house." I think she meant demarcation maybe? And how sad that I can't tell for sure. Scientific proof this show makes us all dumber.

Finally, this week's Top Models in Action about Yaya just reminded me of how lame the pickings have been the last few years (with obvious exceptions like Allison, Celia and Sheena.) When are we going to see Jade in action btw?


I gotta say, I think Celia was robbed a bit. Yeah, she's old, but Aminat sucks and has sucked for weeeeeeeks. Celia wasn't going to win, but I wish she'd at least made it past Aminat. And yeah, Allison is pretty much the best.

jenn t.

was it just me or was it the meanest episode of the season?


Favourite part of the episode was Celia's Hammerdance in the prison jumpsuit. Almost better was Aminat's complete lack of finding that funny. C'mon, Aminat -- live a little!


i would actually pay money to see allison take this one. okay, okay teyona is a good model, blah blah blah... but allison is downright INSPRIATIONAL in the most awkward of ways!

i would also admit that i would be totally addicted to her VH1 reality show should she get one. her choice of words and quirky everything... hell, i'd punch myself in the face so she could paint me with a bloody nose.

just two more notes to add to my prayer box.


ohh shit @ 'liquefied doozer sticks" & chester smiling w/ his eyes.

i missed this ep & need to see this allison stuff go down asap. thx rich! <3


Ok, so started watching that gay for pay thing, and Tyra said that facebook would "probably be called spacebook in the future."



"Moth-bat." Ha.

Rachael J.

I have to say, I don't feel the need to watch ANTM with your updates! I love your commentary :)

Penny Lane

1. The Dorian Gray reference made me laugh loudly and inappropriately at work. Thanks a lot, Rich.

2. I am obsessed with Allison. Maybe the obvious setup for a Teyona win is setting us up for an Allison win?

Wholahay Brown

I wish Allison could be on every single cycle of ANTM...they should make her a judge for real...

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