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Team Alison all the way, but I dont see how she can win, given that the finale is judged on the commerical and the runway walk, which are her two weeknesses. However, if she does win it would make for the most awesome upset, especially if she busts out some fierce walk and bubbly commerical. But then again, they already did the big upset thing when Whitney beat who knows.


fucking geese!


I'd like Aminat and "DONT-TOUCH-DONT-TOUCH-Teyona" if they weren't just utter cunts during the Tahlia/Celia debacle. Rich put it best "handle my shit" - Aminat.. it wasn't your shit to begin with. (And furthermore, how Aminat attacked Allison, even tho she had no part in it)

And seriously Aminat - you really thought Celia would give you the free ticket for jewelry, just because you were 2nd best? We all know how those competitions work.. you take your friend - not the runner-up (because the runner-up is NEVER the friend, btw).

As for Allison - I LOVE her. This is the first season I've tuned in to every week, I've only ever watched spo-ra-dic-ally (clueless) and during marathon's on the five channels that have the rights to re-air it.. but she is just fuckin cool.

Creepy Chan FTW

First time poster

So Tyra was on my flight from DC to LAX on Sunday. Not much to report--I couldn't tell how fat she was nor could I think of anything to say as I walked past her in first class to lowly coach where my seat was. How I've dreamed of the moment I could tell her what a jackass she is. Yet, somehow, hungover at 8:30am, I just couldn't muster up the strength/courage.

As much as I think Tyra bugs, I did think it was funny when she told Allison she was pretty when she gave her the photo.

I'm getting a dyke vibe from Teyona. Am I the only one?


"I'm getting a dyke vibe from Teyona. Am I the only one?"

Aminat and Teyona definitely seem dykey.


Allison with her hair pulled back = "You're so pretty"

I didnt even watch this episode yet


This is my prediction for the Finale...

The top 3 all did horribly on their commercial's last time, Allison probably least so (even tho her first take she didn't look at the camera...). We already saw Teyona break down crying on the set in the preview. I'm also convinced Aminat has NO muscles in her face, which is why she speaks the way she does, and I think she's been in the bottom 2 enough times to be the next one out. So final two is Allison and Teyona, but NOT unexpectedly, I think Allison will do better than Teyona all around.


As a 25 year old, let me just set the record straight and reiterate the obvious: Celia is fucking old. Older than old. I'm embarrased by how old she is.

Now that we've cleared that up, I hope Allison takes it. To me, Teyona looks like the alien from Alien (it's the shape of her head). And Aminat is set to win an Erykah Badu contest.


Coconut water rules


hey has anyone mentioned Paulina's firing yet? She announced it on Craig Ferguson tonight. She said they fired her to "trim the fat" and she had an ego problem LOL. Nigel wasn't fired?


I can't believe that they sacked Paulina for her "ego problem". That's madness. MADNESS I SAY!


John and Hillary--

That's the word I was looking for--"dynamic." Altho demarcation would have worked too, kinda sorta?

Meh, this thing is rotting my headspace. You guys are really pretty.


I <3 Celia, she is one classy biatch, and she has more than just one style, unlike the one note Tyrass. For someone 25 to be called old is just crazy, even in the modelling industry. She could do catwalk until she's 40 at least as long as she can convincingly lie. To me it's the hair making her looks like Laura the bitch from Project Runway.

Allison has something like a bubble around her isnt it? I dont think modelling industry would make her stop drawing crazy cats or take crazy blurry photos.


DEAD @ 'Chaka Khan't' ..... wow.


god i want to look like allison so much


That gif of Allison dancing scares me more than Paulina casting her spells or what the fuck ever she was doing with her face. Awesome as always, Rich!


Did you hear the news about Paulina being fired (on her birthday) and then they still expected her to promote! Crazy times...


I soooo wish you could do a recap of AustraliasNTM every week. I would die happy.

I think you would love it with their indiscrimiate swearing, shameless sabotage, violent outburst and pure hate for each other, all from girls whos lunch looks better in the toilet bowl than most of the girls in the history.of.Americas.Next.Top.Model.

And Sarah Murdoch is love. But don't tell Tyra


Aminah revolts me. I want to puke when I look at her face. Teyona on the other hand is so gorgeous she deserves it...but I too would like to see Allison win for her sheer individuality and quirkiness - it would throw everyone for a loop.

Speaking of Allison, I know how her chin got that way. When I was born my chin was all scrunched up and my parents thought it wouldn't ever go back to being normal, and eventually it did, but now I can wiggle it up and down at will. I think that's what's going on with her.

mrs. saifn

Paulina told Craig Ferguson that she got fired and begged for a job. Now who's desperate?

Under-Employed Girl

I can't believe you didn't mention anything about how cute it was when the makeup artists came to the house and jumped in the bed with Allison & Celia.

And talk about looking like an old soccer mom...Mackey?

Big suprise, I hear Paula's been fired.


man i was feeling down and this immediately cheered me up, maybe i just need to release my inner bitch:P I knew Allison would not win, as a model, she couldn't clinch as many clients as others who are less socially awkward than her...BUT it's amazing that she's in the Top 2 and she did improve so so much!

yr momz

this is that really ugly girl's flickr


"It was, like, something, like, I was just thinking and I accidentally said it and then I was like, 'God I'm such a square.' But...(sigh)...embarrassing!"

I fell in love with Allison on a whole new level when she said that. I think it's because I can so deeply relate to it. I've done like 1000% of the awkward things she's done.

She's the flip side of awkward, though, whereas Marjorie was just excruciating to watch. Allison owns it on some level.


You're so pretty Rich. Sorry, I thought it in my head and then I typed it out. I couldn't help it. ;)

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