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May 08, 2009



Rich, thanks for always interesting albums to talk about.

I don't know if I'd compare this to Britney's Blackout (since for me that album was enormously different for Britney and for what was going on in Music, and as sooooo dancey and amazing).

Fantasy Ride seems to continue with Ciara's pattern of pumping out good-feeling-giver slow jams. I definitely fell in love with "Never Ever" and am really liking "Lovers Thing." I just can't get into her more upbeat songs, or they just don't stick in my head

Dennis N.

I'd love to see you gif up her insane leg-wiggling action in the LoveSexMagic video. It's pretty epic.


I've been going back and forth between Chrisette Michele's album and this one since I got them on... Tuesday? They just came out three days ago? It seems like I've already listened to each one several times and that I would have needed at least a week.

I think I'm pleasantly surprised everytime I listen to Fantasy Ride. It's a constant state of guilty pleasure for me. Each song is greater than the some of its parts, and I enjoy them even though I find myself pointing out all of their faults.

I do disagree with some things though. This album is not as good as Epiphany, they just have different intentions. The dance feel of Fantasy Ride appeals more than the relaxed feel of Michele, but I think Epiphany is better at being a more smooth soul R&B album than Fantasy Ride is at being a more mainstream dancey album.

Oh (pun not intended, yet, acknowledged. So, kind of intended), High Price is awful. The whiny half of Ciara's vocals sound like Sasha Fierce's rejects (and I am no fan of that crazy ho) and the other half sounds like some weird Nelly Furtado soundalike attempt. The Luda verse is just a recycled bit from the cutting room floor of 03 the first time Oh came out, and the beat sounds like they just used the same song then added more on top of it to hide their mistake.


Rich, do you ever listen to Peaches? It is conceivable that you would like her new album, although I'm aware opinions are unruly. Just thinkin aloud.


I second the Peaches comment, I Feel Cream is amazing

The Management

I have to ask if you are going to do a review of Chrisette Michele's album ...


I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but I'm sure you are spot-on. THANK YOU for introducing me to "Surgeon." It's exactly what I've been craving.

Noel Brinkley

Rich, When I read your original take on the Ciara album I was begging you to have another listen. I will implore you to also look at the Love,Sex, and Magic video. Justin does let her run the show the rare time he is left to the shadows because he knows Ciara's dancing would only make him look small by comparison. Have you heard the non-album version of "Right Side of ya Brain?" Sometimes I find when The Dream fine tunes and polishes his tracks, he sometimes removes some of my favorite parts. (Keep Dancing as a duet was much more effective.)


I read on twitter that you were listening to "Like a Surgeon" and I thought you were talking about Weird Al.

In case you didn't know (which you might, but this review gives no indication of that) the song is a parody of "Like a Virgin" by Madonna.

Which makes it even weirder.

Chantal Goya

"Like a Surgeon" and "Love Thing" are the stand out tracks. Not really liking "Turntables," though. I really hope this album does well but looking at the Itunes chart, it's not looking likely. How lame is it that only Beyonce has staying power among the female RnB singers. Hope she doesn't go the way of Mya, Ashanti, and Eve.


yess i noticed that Soulja Girl reference on Go Girl, so happy it wasn't just me


Have you heard the itunes preorder-only bonus track, "When I" ?? It's incredible. The best track (at least the best dance track) on the album.

Aside from that, (a) I didn't like the album as much as you, and (b) it doesn't feel like an RnB album to me. If she wasn't black, no one would classify this as RnB, right? All the upbeat tracks feel like pure dance-pop, not as amazing as Blackout's but certainly of that level.
Maybe it's just because the slower tracks on this album haven't really hit home with me. I should give them another listen.

Loooooove High Price. When she opera-sings "booty looks softer than a mcdonald's hamburger bun" I fall in love with her.

Miss Brandon

My new years resolution was to stop caring about all female black R&B singers whom I've loved over the years since they all end up with their careers in the shitter because of Beyonce's world domination....and I end up taking it personally. So my theory was that by not paying any attention to them..my feelings wouldn't get hurt when they flopped...which all led me to wonder why I even care..but..umm..anyway..

I fell off the wagon and actually purchased Ciara's Deluxe edition cd from Targay (with my last $20 might I add) just to help the bitch out. I ended up LOVING the cd....Like you, I don't care for Pucker Up ( A big mess), or G is for Girl (kinda growing on me though..I like when she says 'H is for Hooooold Up!')..but I have already pussy popped in public to "Work" and have driven with the top down to "Echo"...I have mind-directed the video for "Surgeon"..(Ciara grinding through a grid of neon laser lights on the floor.)And I LOVE high price..even though I laughed my ass off at the vocals the first time I heard it...

Anyway..yeah..I'm in love with her all over again..especially after I just saw her do a great job with Love Sex Magic on SNL...and now that I see that she's not really selling that many CDs I'm mad all over again. I know it doesn't really matter..as long as I enjoy the music...but STILL..I wish she could get her shine on properly!!


What do you think of Echo and I'm On, Rich? Those two are two of my favorite tracks, of course they're bonus material. Maybe it's just me.


i was tonsa mad at you for slammin' CiCi in yr ANTM post. YOU BETTA RECKONIZE! And you did, so... thanks. I hope you've listened to her promo mixtape where she covers Beyonce's Diva, because it's the bomb-ass poonani.


Fantasy Ride is by far my favorite album this year! I just wish that if they Release "Turntables" Chris Brown's vocals are replaced with Ne-Yo's because that would surely become a mega hit i love that sooooong!! I could see myself loving it even more if that tool of Chris Brown weren't on it.



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