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May 28, 2009


Rob R

um, so they definitely got their inspiration for the album cover from the "naughty nanny" photo of Celia and Sandra!!!!!!!!!


Whoa, this sounds GOOD. In the queue, yessir!


Yessss.. Electrik Red is hot. I did a hip hop dance routine to this song several weeks ago - I'm not in this, but this was the routine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m12HiT9Y-w

BTW.. Rich, I'm Jim, the guy you met at Starbucks in Union Square who's obsessed with your blog. Hehe :)


oh FUCK Rich.

i am so so so so happy you're onto this.

and i am so so so happy that Real Girl Tranny Hooker is the hottness again.


Sold the second I YouTubed "We Fuck You". SOLD.


I have almost emailed you every day for the last week to be all "Are you looooooving this 'The-Dream does Vanity' album?". Thanks for saving me the email. Oooh, shit, damn indeed.


I dont know, upon first listen, I really wasn't feeling the album. I do have to give it a few more spins. It didn't help that I got Chrissette Michelle's Epiphany at the same time and THAT ALBUM IS BOMB. One of the best soul/pop albums in the last year or so!


Their "So Good" video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrkKVv-EFXY...not the remix) is also pretty fun. "Fuck You" is my favorite song at this point.

I'm surprised they don't have more radio time with their Dream connection.

Also, the lead singer really does sound like Kelis, but looks like a lil like Fefe Dobson, maybe??

Christian V

I was also going to email you repeatedly in a plea to hear your thoughts on the album. Your album reviews are incredible and this is no different!

I love this album in all it's saucy tramp raunchiness haha.

There's a lot of talk going around on the blogosphere about the "return of the girl group" which is kind of easy to believe with Richgirl and Sophia Fresh... and that other group by Robin Antin haha.


damn rich, been wonderin' about these broads.
thanks for the info


Epiphany is "BOMB"??
That album was adult contemporary blaaaaah. After the title track it was all down hill from there
...Electrik Red is a watered down version of Dream's Love Vs Money...maybe its just more appealing with 4 women singing it....but I'm surprised you like this. *shrugs* to each his own


I'm sorry, but when I see P.U.S.S.Y. my mind goes to POLITICAL UNREST STABILIZES SOCIETY YEA


I was searching all over town for the album and not one fucking store in the capital of Virginia has a copy. None that I could find anyway. I had to just get it on i-tunes, which I kind of hate because I love holding something real. I was discussing earlier how The Dream has a way of allowing you to be inside of the production.



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