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May 15, 2009



I was thinking if you had seen this news. Whoa, Tyra's special. I'm gonna miss Paulina and her bitchy self :(


Man, I am not surprised at all. You KNOW what with how preachy Tyra is about not being a minute late to go-sees that she'd totally be one of those late-everywhere divas.

I hope one of the Jays gets fired (Ms., please?) and writes a tell-all about Tyra.


Can't say I'm surprised by any of this, but then neither are you. Too bad. Paulina was one of the best parts of this show. Ah well. What do you (all) think they'll do for the shorty seas... cycle?


My favorite Paulina moment was the photo session she had with Anyway. "Uh..throw some leaves in the air! Yes! Be natural!" Classic.

The thing is, I always hate hearing about behind-the-scenes dustups like this. ANTM is so utterly inconsequential - the epitome of empty calories - and yet when I hear shit like this it's like I'm put in the position where I have to feel emotionally invested, or choose sides and...ugh. Everyone comes out looking petty or worse.


I really thought the only reason why Paulina was on ANTM was that she'd eventually take over for Tyra one day. Much like the only reason Kara is on Idol to replace Paula.

just sayin.......


I love Paulina, she is honest and fun and beautiful. I love watching Joel McHale on The Soup- he is always chatting about Tyra and her big ego....


Holy moly. I have never really been a Paulina fan (on the show) but those quotes just made me LOVE THAT WOMAN.


PS. Favourite Paulina moment: the quick cut of her wearing the dutch hat with braids during the 10 seconds of true mind-bending amazingness that was the Amsterdam-trip reveal.


I am *finally* on the "Tyra is a Bitch" train. Yes, I know I'm late.


Cliche' time..

Someone please give this woman her own show. Please.


Like Jimmy Carter makes a great ex-President, Paulina makes a great ex-ANTM judge. Now go work on that Palestine peace thing since you need a new project.

(meanwhile, I'm going to pray the Universe does not strike me dead for comparing those two.)


I'll really miss Paulina. A lot. She almost made up for Janice quitting and the broken British record that was Twiggy.

Tyra is seriously in her own universe. I wish someone would bring her back down to Earth.


I dimly remember Tyra speaking about being late for panel or "almost" being late for panel because she was going through the girls' film or some such thing. Was that last cycle? Two cycles ago? Or was it that Tyra claimed she would never be late for panel in a lecture about being on time for go-sees? Anyway, I remember the camera cut to Paulina at that point, and her expression was incredulous. I'll miss Paulina - I've loved her since her Cars videos in the 80's. I hope she finds a vehicle for her biting wit - even if it's only as a perpetual talk show guest.

Dandy Darkly

Somewhere deep in the bowels of West Hollywood, from behind a reinforced iron door, soft cackling can be heard.

The door creaks open. And only the most intrepid of souls dare to peek within.

The floor is littered with rust colored bandages, discarded syringes and back issues of Harper's Bazaar.

The cackling intensifies, accompanied by the electric buzz of halogen bulbs pulsating from three giant makeup mirrors.

A figure crouches facing the vanity. She's slowly peeling bandages from her angular face... She laughs and laughs and laughs as more and more of herself is revealed in the towering mirror.

A familiar, mocking voice whispers, "I'm coming back..."

Craig D'Arville

I never thought of Paulina as bitchy; just practical. Sure, she doesn't sugar-coat things but her feedback to/about the girls was usually correct. She also came across as a real person - even on panel - which helped to amplify Tyra's weirdness in the most delightful way.

I'm enjoying Paulina speaking her mind about all this stuff now that she's free to. She has nothing to lose. Paulina probably need the paycheck and, frankly, I suspect she doesn't tolerate much fuckery. I suppose failing to kiss ass = "big ego" at Bankable Productions...


not at all surprising, but still, DAMN.

Craig D'Arville

correction to my above comment: Paulina probably DOESN'T need the paycheck...


Yaawn, Paulina was boring, not as boring as Twiggy mind you but still boring. She is your typical European ex-model that thinks they have something interesting to say but they don't, she's tedious and predictable. Good riddance I say.


Both Paulina and Tyra are bitchy, but the difference is that Paulina made bitchery look kinda classy and European, in a way. Tyra comes off looking like a high school sophomore using her slim measure of superiority to play pranks on the incoming freshman. But it isn't even "pool-on-the roof" Hackers-style creativity. This is straight up "kick me" sign boring. Your theatrics don't compensate for your inner yawn, Tyty!

Bianca James

“I wouldn’t know [what kind of person Tyra is] because all I know of her is literally when we are on set talking to each other in front of the cameras,” the supermodel said. “That is the only time she would speak to me.”

This is DEAD ON. I was a guest on her show a few years back and during the commercial breaks she wouldn't acknowledge that we were sitting next to her on the stage unless we initiated the talk. She gets all autistic if the camera isn't rolling.

mighty undies

Rich, do you remember that part in Paris Is Burning where one of the drag queens talked about Paulina?


Another awesome interview by Paulina at TV Guide: http://www.tvguidemagazine.com/news/paulina-packs-a-punch-1125.html

spin sycle

Paulina > Tyra. Tyra has always been, as far as I'm concerned, a second rate supermodel. She has never been and shall never be, Paulina level...or Christie or Naomi or Cindy. Suck on that, Tyra


I have a friend that has worked on ANTM for years and she shared this story with me recently. When Paulina would travel for the show she refused to stay in the same hotel as the production crew. On the last Cycle when Paulina discovered that the crew was staying at the same five star hotel overseas that she was staying at she demanded that the crew be moved. So they moved 'em... Kinda gross huh?


Dandy Darkly, please please please mean Janice is returning. PLEASE.

They are both bitches, hands down. Paulina made me want to puke on several occasions, like to London about the shorts...

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