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May 18, 2009



How horrifically predictable, eh?

At least Paula's stank enough to expose the truth behind our conjecture on the show's bullshit. Here's to unemployed birthday bitterness!


I knew she was the winner and, though I was on the Allison train, I'm glad Allison didn't win. Now she has a better shot at a real career.


And is it just me, or does Teyona seriously resemble The Joker in the picture above the crying count? Well, a mixture of The Joker and Carol Channing. Oh wait, that's the same thing :P


Thanks for another amazing cycle!!!


i've been waiting for this. thank you! sooooo, project runway recap?

Sarah G

Great job this season!


Congrats on another fab season of commentary. Your snarkiness made this mediocre cycle worthwhile!

michael seth

you make me happy. i know that's a lame thing to say, but it's all i can think of.

i just burst out laughing multiple times at work. in the columbia university department of english office. and it's embarrassed me. and i like it.

Maggie B.

Tyra was in rare form. Within a minute she went from Cover Girl being a brand that is happy and free and bubbly to a brand that is trying to shake that bubbly image and find a new maturity.

Aminat got hosed, it seemed like they were handicapping Teyona because they thought Allison would just fall down or something on the runway while Aminat would have blown Teyona out of the water (or poop I suppose.) GO ALLISON!

Rich, you make the show for me but I also read you "Between Cycles." Love love love you!


Damn, I'm gonna miss my daily dose of Rich recaps...boo. And I do hope that the midget cycle makes up for the ho hum cycle we had this time around. I mean, there wasn't even a good house bitch/villain!
I really hope they get a good judge to replace Paulina...I am hoping against hope for Janice. Pleeease!!!


*croses fingers for a video interview*

Awesome recap as always! Thank god they covered up Teyona's hairline in her Covergirl pic. It was scary.


Fingers crossed for a one-on-one interview with BEST CONTESTANT EVER - Allison! LOVE HER!

Dandy Darkly

Rich - another one bites the dust.

This show feels like that moment in the Laverne & Shirley title sequence where they're totally bored as the beer bottles fly by on the conveyor belt and one of them suddenly has a glove on it. But no glove yet.


"I knew it would be stupid, but somehow, I didn't realize how stupid." Phrases like this, Rich, are the reason why I love you!
p.s.- Still trying to figure out 'carpal tunnel k-hole'. ;)


I was so hoping for a Teyona weave whipping gif.



Freaking awesome. I love you so much.


I didn't realize how awesome Pauline was until I read that interview with TV Guide and saw her interview on Craig Ferguson. She's so bluntly honest it comes off as bitchy in the show (e.g. telling Celia she's old and desperate). Seriously, the only contestant in the entire run of the series who has actually looked like a model is the only one who has a real career right now (Elise). I've always thought it was weird that they all looked like pretty girls but too short and often a bit too heavy to be models. Although I think Celia could easily pull a Kristen McMenamy, who really jump started her career in her mid-twenties...


No weave-slinging? Awwww...

Still, that image of Teyona at the end of the crying count made up for it. And will haunt my dreams.


I'll never leave fourfour! I'm here year-round, buddy.


Oh my god.... I hope you got an interview with Allison. Pleasepleasepleaseplease.

Another Allison

This cycle (other than Allison) sucked so hard, you made it absolutely worth watching. Thanks for all the time you put into it! Don't worry, some of us do love your other writing, too! I'll be checking in all summer long. I'll also be on maternity leave and looking for anything to break the monotony of boobs, poop, crying and sleeplessness that is about to come my way.


Please recap Canada's Next Top Model coming May 26. I will be your lover forever.

That is all.


Oh Rich.
You. are. so pretty.

Thanks for another great recap season. Your recaps are the only reason why I tune in to ANTM. They should pay you royalties.

(BTW, I check in with you every workday. You're like a drug. :p)


*Sigh* I miss you already.


omg, rich, i love you and your updates!

when mckey came back, i was waiting for aminat to excuse herself so she could change her panties, but i guess it wasn't in the cards this time around.

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