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I'm glad Allison didn't win. She's too cool for ATNM and their lame My Life As A Cover Girl commericals. Good for her for not winning future awkward guest spots on ANTM (McKey I'm talking about you!) and having Her ad up in Walmart.

Seeing Allison's Ad up in Walmart would have made me love her a little less.


I come for the top model recaps, I stay for the awesomeness that is this site in general.


Great recap season, yet again. It was a week cycle. overall. Of course Paulina is right - it's all about personalities on ANTM and to that end - get better personalities, Tyra. Allison was great, but I prefer my ANTM models with huge egos mixed with a severe case of the deludeds. Jade was fucking gold. GOLD.




I'm just upset that allison didn't get her run-in with a nose bleed.


You made this cycle worthwhile. You and Allison. She has a spot in my heart along with Danielle and Jade.


amazing job. thank you, thank you, thank you for brightening my days :)


Thank you, Rich. You're so great to recap this silly show for us. Glad things are going well for you.


Hey, Rich!! You are on my toolbar, honey!! I adore it all. Thank you for being you.

I need more Jersey Shore road trips to strip malls....just saying.



I love four four. Everything about it. Thank you.

Can I have some more Jersey shore road trip stuff about strip malls? Please? Oh, and a video interview with Allison? Yes? Yes!!


okay, I'll stop now....


Rich, you frequently make my Tuesdays, so thank you. Nigel Barker was on New Zealand's Next Top Model this week and I thought of you, especially when he got handsy with the contestants.


aww Rich, I hope you dont get eaten by a shark either. Thanks, once again for entertaining me and following another cycle of antm.


Thanks for another fab cycle of recaps, Rich. You're like, really pretty.


joanie models wigs = AMAZING!!!!!!

i will miss monday antm blogs!

thank you rich


i think tyra plans to grow and expand until she's the size of king kong. she will start by walking down 57th street nyc and stare at that mona lisa painted on the side of the lee's art shop, about 6 stories tall, and roar at mona to "smile with your eyes, waah wahhhh" and then grab people off the street and eat them in one bite. she will never stop. she will never be satisfied.


So, I watched the bit about Aminat's elimination and actually thought she was robbed which I never ever expected to feel. I mean, good picture right? Much better on the commercial than Teyona, right? I'm so glad you were my sanity check on this.

I watched the cycle one marathon yesterday (I feel I must add in my defense I have a recently diagnosed bone spur in my heel and am temporarily somewhat couch bound.) And it made me remember why I used to like the show. Tyra is so much more subdued. She speaks, uhm, well like humans speak only really this time. The judging is an actual conversation and not snark and nonsense and Miss Jay making bird sounds--and that was when fucking Janice Dickinson was on the panel. Ty seemed to actually care about the girls, sort of. Did the talk show cause the supernova ego explosion that pushed the show into mean-spirited camp and mockery?

Finally, the Paulina TVG interview was gold.


Also, I second Amanda. Please let the illuminating secret be an interview with the Allison. But it sounds intriguing regardless. And just think back on the day when your closest contact with the ANTM-verse was running into C3's Ann on the subway (which is still really awesome.)


Oh Paulina - I really started to dislike her, but after reading that interview, now I want to be her best friend forever! Although I have to disagree with her - and hopefully I'm not jinxing anything - but I think Allison really does have a shot at being a working model. Maybe not a "top model" but I am sure she'll get plenty of jobs. Especially since she somehow turned into a great walker! She looked so good on the runway, even in the poo - she was hot! And I'm not even a coprophile!

I am a year-round visitor, Rich, because how on Earth could I live without Winston pics???


thank you Rich my blogger bitch!


Great job rich! And can I just say why the hell did mckey win??? Anyway Sutan and Allison's babies would be totally awesome. I can just picture in my head Sutan giving birth! XD Also Have a great F-ing SUMMER! This is funny because summer here is just about to end! LMAOF


Thanks, Rich!


^+1... When I saw McKey I couldn't believe I was on her team to win last season....

I really didn't get how Teyona butchered her commercial and wasn't eliminated or at least slaughtered. And her CG pic was not all that to me... the photoshopping for her hairline was so obvious. I beleive Aminat's pic and ad were the best... What was Ty's reason for sending her home again??


I love you during the summer, I do. And your little kitties, too.


ANTM is a reality show that is purely for entertainment purposes only {that and to feed tyra's ginormous ego]. It is definately not to produce top models. That is why I love you Rich,you get it. You are also supremely much more entertaining.

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