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May 18, 2009



MPB is definitely working its way into every conversation I have with anyone from here on out.

Your recaps are the only reason I still watch this show.

Fo Fan

Aww, I liked Aminat's CG picture best as well. She looks really pleasant and approachable there. Allison looks uncomfortable and Teyona looks like an Akira Toriyama character.



Winston prints are being sold! :)


I feel so bad for Joanie. Like, really bad.



Thank you for recapping the season. It wouldn't have been half of what it was without you.

I will miss it, but I won't miss that finale. Having to look at Teyona's half bald head strain to support that ponytail made my own head hurt.


Oh Rich...way to incorporate that whole "I'm not here to make friends" bit...
I'm sad its over because your recaps always made me laugh out loud at the way ANTM takes itself way too seriously. But I come back for the Winston updates. I loves me some Winnie...he's such a diva.


Congratulations on another amazing cycle of recaps!


I was just glad that Teyona won so Allison would have a chance at an actual career. Let Ms. Windy Face fade into obscurity instead!


Thanks Rich! Your recaps made this cycle so much more bearable. I sure hope Winston appreciates all your hard work for us!


Paulina = awesome with a serving of low-fat awesome sauce. That is all.


As always: breezy, beautiful, and brutally honest final ep recap. This was a cycle that actually grew on me, and you kept pace with this strangely endearing fuckery like you were reading my mind (if I were brilliant).

I can't imagine what you've got in store for us ANTM-wise later this week, but I'm literally shitting my pants with excitement. (IBS peeps represent!) Unless it's an Allison interview, in which case my nose is bleeding in anticipatory glee.


This show discriminates against introverts when the judges give it to Teyona because they think she wants it more. She just wanted it louder. Allison, you made tv fun for a while.


Allison's fashion show styling made her look like Nomi right before she went over to Andrew Carver and kicked the shit out of him.


Teona looks like a demon, she would be perfect in horror movies...this is a compliment!


Great recap, even if this season was pretty boring you always make up for it! I think Elyse was smart to go overseas before Top Model spread over there, gave her a better chance at a real career.

Happy summer to you, your bf, Rudy and of course Winston!


Did anyone else notice that McKey's face seems to be even more lopsided than it was last season? It's like she is in a Dali painting.

Terri Strange

Egads! Teyona looks like a barbie doll with the terrible fake pony tail.
I don't mean that in a good way either.


Rich, you lured me in with ANTM, you captivated me with Winston, you expand my pop culture horizons with Coko's nails and Little Edie, but I drop in looking for the brilliance that was the subway bag lady. Please, more random crazies!

I'm hoping for an interview with Allison as well. <3 her. Please hook her up with Elyse. Oh, and the screen cap of McKey caught everything I found annoying about her in one magic caricature. Beautiful.


I think Tyra in the second elimination looked more like the Cowardly Lion with that crazy wig. XD


After Miss Jay took off that last tie about 20 clowns jumped out from under it. Rodeo's down the hall, boyo.

I don't get it. Flub the commercial and still win? Really? Isn't this what sank Analeigh from last season. Um...yo?


you are so loved!


i love your blog and your winston

White Chocolate

Thanks for the memories. I have stopped watching ANTM much of the time, but I NEVER EVER miss a recap, or anything else FourFour related. :)


Rich, not only do I love your ANTM recaps (even when I don't actually watch the show. Yes. I just said you're more entertaining than ANTM. Go you!), but I adore your kitties. I read all the time, not just when you're recapping.

I have to admit, I prefer non-ATNM time, because I feel like there's a better chance of Winston vids. I love Winnie more than I love cheese, and I do so love cheese!


Rich, I read every post. Your morbid fascination with all things pop makes my heart sing and dance. Even when I'm not interested in the topic, I read your posts for your amazing jewels of modern wisdom. Thank you for the laughs.

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