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Awwww, how sweet. And kinda yucky. And kinda like its going to end up in the fetish section of xtube.

Though I don't understand, why didn't you have her make a fake blood nosebleed!


what did you use to make the fake blood, is that a syrup?


Disturbing but awesome!

Miss Lisa

Oh my! I'm worried about the couch.


Oh God, me too Miss Lisa. That totally exacerbated my OCD.

Allison is great sport to go along with this. Would be awesome if your clip helped land her something big.


I am a-feared. Scawy. You guys creep me out big time. And how did you home not end up sticky and dyed red?


Whoops.. forgot to tell you. Allison may or not be a vampire. A canadian vampire? i do not know.

Rich better be amping up for season 2 of True Blood!!


Umm.... amazing! Is it sick that this makes me love her even more? Because, yes.

Mouchois Melvin

I love her.
She's amazing.


Her hair looks fantastic.
That is all.

Queen Lena

Holy fuck, that is just brilliant.
Can I just express my love for you again, Rich? Is that cool?


I almost peed myself in laughter when she first looked at the camera, and then seeing her rock-out in front of your FRAMED painting of Winston made by her... this is all kinds of self-referential awesomeness. The cherry on the top would have been if she like, stuck a dildo up her arm or something. Or maybe a banana since this was ice-cream themed.


Ending the video with Allison flipping the bird... on purpose? Either way, awesome.


this actually made me gag-n-vom a little
but that doesn't mean I don't like it



maria c

Yes...why oh why did they give her that horrible weave!!?


allison is awesome, but i was mostly transfixed by the fact i have the same couch!


yes!! big boss people, hire this girl, pronto-like.

Rich, you"re into True Blood? Me likey.

Melvin, you said period! muhahahahaha


haha period! i noticed that too.


What brand of ice cream is she eating?


I went shopping today and flipped through Teyona's spread in Seventeen. I was, to say the least, not impressed. Allison is the REAL winner of cycle 12, no doubt.


also, WORD UP sifl and olly!!!!


My name is Alison (as you can see below) and I love your blog (I got clawed in by Coko's nails and made everyone I know watch it).

This was awesome. Also awesome is the couch. Is that the Corona from Macy's?


Allison is so fucking awesome!!


This video is a brilliant piece of art (and best ice cream commercial ever)

Alison rules! She looks gorgeous dancing at 1:06

Thank god she didn't win. She's to good to be forced into doing boring "my Life as a Covergirl" ads.

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