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June 04, 2009



I love you ! I hope to have a cool gay son like you one day.


This was the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Favourite ANTM contestant, cat, and blogger in one room. Can life get better or dorkier than this?


My goodness she looks beautiful without that horrid monster weave on her head. Yay, Allison, for being down with the Winterview. That was made of awesome!


So cute! They do look related.


THat was seriously the best thing I have ever seen on the internet.


Oh that made my day. Allison, you're indeed a good sport, and a charmer. Hope we see more of you!


There is so much win here.

Miss Lisa

Great chemistry between these two. Someone give them a variety show, please.

Dandy Darkly

Rich - weird! Love it. Allison look at the camera girl! Winston had some hard hitting questions there.

Actually hope to hear/see/feel more "Winston-voice". Gotta say it takes a real cat freak to begin speaking as your pet.

I wonder if Susan Boyle had a "Pebbles-voice"?


oh allison, i luv you even more for quoting tiga towards winston <3

trick please


frank monteforte

All my roommates and I do is sit around ventriloquizing with our two cats. It's a gas!


100% completely the most fantastic thing I have seen in a loooooong time!!! LOVE Winston, LOVE Allison to pieces for doing that and totally going with it and totally ADORE her concern for him at the end when he sneezes. She was my fav on the show and now I heart her more. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Laughed my fanny off. Rich, you rule.


best video ever. i love the end when he sneezes!


That was...GREAT! :D


"Is he okay?"

Thank you so much, Rich. :)

John R

I see a new career move for Winston here...


Winston is the best interviewer ever, bar none. Rich, pls give this one request to Winston from me: next time you get Allison on the couch, ask her for ANTM C12 dirt! It's not passe, I swear I swear! Thanks for the continuing awesomeness, Rich! xxx


This was so awesome!! His face when he 'shows off' his painting is just adorable. Way to go Winston :)


Wonderful!!! thank you so much for this hard-hitting interview Winston. It's refreshing to see such unbiased, hard-hitting journalism.


You´re awesome for filming it and she´s awesome for doing it and he´s awesome for staying in one place and thinking up such hard hitting questions. I wish the mainstream press were as good as Winston.


I really enjoyed that. Thank you!
She seems like a really good human being, and I loved seeing Winston interview her.

sleazy skeezy beautiful

JEALOUS does not even begin to describe it. My nose bleeds in envy.
Pretty please can you do a spoof 'My Life As A Covergirl' commercial with Allison?


hahaah I dont think she liked the thyroid question, Winston. Awesome interview, thogugh!

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