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I love Winston. I want to feed him a banana.


The most awesome interview EVER. Winston needs his own chat show where he interviews guests and then they feed him a banana.


winston & bananas...omg! my cat loves honey dew! (not so much cantaloupe tho'.) Cats and fruit...who'd have thunk?!


When I loaded up FourFour and saw the title of this post I made a horrible little choked squeal sound that scared my cats. Oh Allison!

I really, really hoped you'd get a chance to talk with her! Looking forward to the next video!!


maria c | June 05, 2009 at 12:07 PM

OH MAN I actually yelled "D'oh!!!!!!" when he said that, then laughed my ass off XD Wonder what torture Tyra has in store when he returns to ANTM? LOL!


i can die now...

rich have you been checking out CNTM-3? the first two episodes are up..


seriously. now I can't decide WHO I want to propose to....Allison is delectable and quirky, and Winston sure knows how to eat a banana, but I think Rich still gets my vote.


Allison really IS a good sport, although I'm pretty sure anyone would jump at the chance of getting to hang with Winston. I know I would! His sneeze at the end was priceless. Well done Rich. Well done.


Rich, I am a huge fan. So huge that I don't comment. But I feel I must tell you that you missed such a golden opportunity not making this a legitimate Inside the reAlity Studio interview.

please ask for a redo.


i lol'd


This was too cute. Great idea!


This is probably the best thing you have ever done.

everlasting concubine

AMAZING. My dream come true, and better than I could have hoped.

The sneeze is the perfect ending, too..."Is he OK?" So great.

"My mom dated an owl." Snert.




This is the best video you have ever made. Holy shit.


Winston is the best.


Just when I thought I couldn't love this girl any more...


next time can winston pull a "whisper in my ear" a la connie chung? that would be great.


Awww. Alison's a dream. And I kind of want to hug her. She should become a Forensic Pathologist. That would be a great tv show. Models who Cut up the Dead, this season on the CW.....

Washington Cube

I am SO jealous. Being interviewed by Winston AND getting to feed him banana. I would have had questions for him, like..."How do you feel about your summer hair cuts?," and "Do you and Rudy fight over what to watch on television?"


That was totally fun. Thanks for that.


OMG, OMG, OMG. The cutest interview ever! Winston should be nominated for an EMMY! Thankyou, so much for that....and the banana at he end, PRICELESS!mushy mushy winston, ya just want to snatch him and squeeze him! LOL


"Dost thou enjoy foreign policy?"

Beyond awesome. Good on Winston for such a probative interview, and well done Allison for being the best possible sport. (And good on Rich, too!)


Why is your cat the best one ever? Don't tell my cats I said that.


Thank you for this Rich! Best winterview, ever!!


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