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My mom dated an owl. LOLZ! I hope to see the Winterview as an ongoing series.

Also love the upbeat non-offensive pseudo-talkshow host music playing in the background.

And the banana close. A-B-C: ALWAYS BANANA CLOSE!


If all of ANTM was like this, they wouldn't have had to fire Paula. LOVED IT!


Rich, you just made my damn day. Hell, my week! I've been stressed out and angry, and this has brought me inner happiness!!

Allison + Winston = overwhelmingly awesome.


If she had seen the Winston sneezing video, she would have had no worries.


the best thing EVER. <3<3<3


I'm so fucking jealous!!!


"Can we eat a banana now?"

"YEAH we can!"



This was possibly the best thing I've seen on the internet.

I am super jealous that Allison got to hug Winston.


That was very sweet. Allison, let's go on a watching-surgery date! I'll bring the Junior Mints.


This was unbelievable!

And now I really would like a banana.


That was seriously funny. Winston pulls no punches. Did he watch the ANTM episode with Season 2's April where she gave interviewing tips? It shows.


Allison is the LOVE OF MY LIFE.
When I become reincarnated as a straight, I am so proposing.


Allison and Banana Soft Kitty Porn it doesn't get any better


I am jealousssssssss. I'm going to have Colleen Kane write me a letter of introduction when I move to New York so I can pet Winston.


OMFG yes MLAACG spoofies plz!

I love how Allison describes her weave as a living creature. She looks much better with out it, but that's a given.

Allison if you're reading this, I have to recomend the short stories of Jennifer Pelland, she writes all kinds of awesome sci fi/horror stories about bodies and it's just fascinating stuff.


Tell Winston I'm ready for my close-up :)


What a sweetie she is! And she lurves our Weenstone. I love the lippy-smacking noises he makes during banana devourement.


This was the best interview ever made in the history of interviewing. I laughed out loud when I read "Are you my mom?", lol! Thank you so much for this, it made my day :D


With this post, I finally comprehended the awesomeness of Winston. He is indeed adorable.

maria c

That makes me smile so much. Rich, you should know that on Canada's Next Top Model this past week, Jay declared he hates the word 'fierce' the empire crumbling?


Oh my god, that was all kinds of awesome! What a sweetheart. I'm glad she didn't win ANTM or else she'd have no shot at being a real model.


Nice! I liked that you didn't talk about ANTM. Allison is an interesting interview subject beyond being a reality show contestant. Besides, gossip doesn't seem to be part of Allison.


this is the funniest thing you've ever posted, and that's saying A LOT. i love bad mamajama playing in the background. "my mom dated an owl" is now my favorite non sequitor ever.


I see what you did there. Owl and the Pussycat reference FTW!


I live in Scottsdale, and Fo was my cocktail waitress last week. I didn't say anything to her about ANTM, though. She seemed really nice.

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