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June 03, 2009




Anyway, I didn't know there was a second season of this coming out and I'm sad I missed the premiere but if you're going to recap then I'm going to watch :D


A baby-talking plus-size lesbian Mormon with a baby tostada strapped to her head would totally win this thing.


I didn't even know there was going to be another season of this until yesterday, but it's now on my DVR list and I just the premiere a few hours ago. I love this show so much.

Even though our token gay's freakout was eerily remeniscent of Onch's roller coaster freak out (only about 1/2 as dramatic), he did briefly mention a legitimate reason not to get up on that pole. I wouldn't want to pole dance in front of a bunch of drunken douchebags trying to out cunt each other by screaming at me while I jumped through hoops to 'win' a 'friend' either.

Also, I know this makes me look dumb, but I didn't realize Gina was Paris until she said so after the first scene she was in... I guess that means I'm qualified for season 3?

Lolita Hazed

Dude, WTF is a BIKINI DANCER. Nicole is trying to be the new Corrie. She is not.

Queen Lena

Because really, a show with the following determining criteria appeals to me on such a basic level, it might as well have sprung from my own genitals.

You are a beautiful person.


So, from what I gather the show is more accurately named "Be My Inspiration for Shit-Talking/Reason for Season 3 with Paris Hilton."

And is that Jared Leto playing the gay Mormon?


i missed the show but victoria looks about the same age as victoria gotti in the pic

funny to think that just a few years ago with proj run you were mad you had to even post about nikki hilton

times change but we still love you


I can't believe I missed this! Great recap.

Britta Dot Com

Sorry but that silver outfit makes her look like Brini Maxwell!


"This time, though, he has a baby strapped to his head. So that's new."

You are a brilliant brilliant man.


Okay, I'm totally not being an ass (on purpose), but can someone parse this for me?

She went "undercover" to get the scoop on her potential besties, even though she could have easily reviewed the footage and double even though all she looked like was herself in a black wig.

I know grammar errors sneak in and they're whatever, but this is making me feel too stupid for blog-reading :(


HOLY CRAP. I never thought of it that way. The ANTM parallels are astounding! Onch might as well be a useless version of Miss Jay, and that plussie girl looks like a fugly version of Kortnie.


I am so glad you alerted me to this new season. This show is magical.

The highlights for me were Paris' horrible fake Brooklyn accent (she went to high school in nyc so she should really be able to do better) and, of course, the triumphant return of Onch! There has been an Onch-shaped hole in my TV-watching heart.


Sweetie, thank you so much for watching this sheer fuckery. Because I simply cannot. I feel like we should be sending you donations or something.


@ hi: I tripped up on that, too, but I think (I THINK) that it's "double even though," like, "extra even though."

Like, "She did X because Y and extra because Z."

At least that made sense to me. So. Maybe. It's right? I just read this back and it really confuses even me, so maybe, Occam's razor, I need to shut up.


read it like this:

...to get the scoop on her potential besties, "even though" she could have easily reviewed the footage, and "double even though" all she looked like was herself in a black wig.

i know, it took me twice through to understand it too. if the sentence was spoken it would've come across correctly.

John T.

YES!!! I was so happy to see you did a recap on this, I should've checked for it earlier in the week, hahah, but I agree on the friends not being as entertaining as the first season. I'm holding out hope for Katie though, the McDonald's thing was priceless


Thank you for helping me read, internet people. I was having a life crisis over whether or not fourfour was above my reading level.


you've been featured on fabulous flutters



I've been addicted to this show. Enough so to watch the "Encore".

I love Onch. He's by far my favorite fake person in this entire universe, but I've got to say, it looks like there's plenty of fakies to give him a run for his money.

I can't wait to see the madness that is going to unfold. :D


Please recap! This show needs your magical commentary. I'm so glad Onch is on this show. I was hoping he'd get his own show. I'd so watch Onch's BFF.


I've never seen the show, but may have to watch it now. Sounds like a train wreck in the making.

You mentioned the Brittaney thing about how Paris said she was just looking for fame. I wonder... does she actually think anyone genuinely wants to be her friend? I'm sure there people who DO want to be her friend, but I don't think any of them are contestants.



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


I have never wanted to watch this show until just now. Reading your post made me need to see it.

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