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June 30, 2009


katie may

Thank you! It's 7am and I'm already shaking my ass. It's gonna be a good day.


Thanks Rich! Looking forward to listening to this during my cardio today.


Saint Etienne? Nice touch. Plus I keep forgetting to get the new (ish?) Annie CD...


Yesssssssss! *arm pumping motion*

I've been waiting for one of your mixes for too long!

eggy weggs

You rule! Thanks, Rich. :)


Oooooh, this is nice! I'll play it on the way to the beach!


Woohoo! I love Felix Da Housecat! And Tiga! Ooh..Saint Etienne!

You're so fucking awesome, Rich. MWAH!


you know you rule, i don't have to tell you every single time, so i'm just going to pledge my love to you forever and always!


p.s.: have you been watching canada's next top model? i can't believe how likeable jay manuel is!

John R.

Thanks Rich! I need to get up to speed on some of this stuff anyways - so, perfect.


About friggin time.


p.s. Does this mean you can forgive Devin Dazzle and Felix's other missteps?


and hey, it just fits on a CD. amazing.


a great mix- fina-fuckin-lly!!

whilst i lurve your R&B FourFour mixes- this is perfect!!

btw- kylie totally ripped off Saint Etienne on this track you added....

hey- im waiting on your BET awards look back!!


rich, i'm stupid. i've got an apple laptop - how do you click to save your mp3??? i want so badly!


Hey smart man, what do you think of Mariah Carey's 'Obsessed'?

annie h.

this is so good. listened to it while walking downtown to get my bike repaired and the trip flew by. thank you for posting!


Well, Little Boots herself says that she's a pop artist, but all I know is that she's fantastic.


LOVE YOU RICH thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!


not a La Roux fan, Rich?


rich, i may not know you, but i love you for this. I've already been rocking out to these songs separately and having them together...sigh.


I LOVE Lisztomania! I can't wait to listen to the other songs. <3 ya!


You are a liszto god!
Random awesome related music fact. Liszt's father played the bass, hence the hardest bass parts ever in his compositions. I just thought of it because of the preponderance of hot bass in your playlist.
**boom boom boom boom**


Thanks--I'm always looking for new music!

demo derby

yes!! thanks for the music!

@brittanybijoux: option-click the link and it should start downloading.


So much fun, thank you!

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