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June 23, 2009



I went on his site twice, YEARS AGO, and have refused to go back (even when I was tempted by a link with some juicy gossip). The only way to make him go away is to stop giving him hits - period. It cant be a coincidence that it finally stopped raining in Jersey and the birds are out chirping.

Rich, you're the blog equivalent of a Stevie B song - you always make me feel warm & fuzzy inside.


I haven't gone to his site in about 3 years. It's awful. And like someone else said above, he makes fun of celebrities kids being "fat" or "ugly". Way to go, asshole.


The internet made Perez, and now it will destroy him.

Ashes to ashes and all that shit. Thanks for this, Rich.


Weren't you two at NYU at the same time? Did you ever run into him back then?


A hate monger is a hate monger is a hate monger. It doesn't matter what your own soapbox may be, what background you come from, what lifestyle you lead - if you go around being hateful in your life, you either a) hate your life and who you are and are so uncomfortable with that fact or b) you have nothing more interesting to offer except than just being a barnacle to actual people with lives/jobs.

To be fair, though, we fucking ate his shit up with a spoon. It's always been the same. It's what I liken to the J.Lo effect - out of nowhere, exploding to uncharted heights of worship by many and then we come to resent the creature we made and want nothing more than to destroy it and watch the misery ensue. We're all sick fucks in essence.

But yeah, it would be nice to have one less sick fuck bitching about celebrities and drawing spermy pictures on their face.

Miss Lisa

Unfortunately the Internet is the perfect forum of narcissism and he's the ultimate narcissist. And he's the worst kind: mean-spirited.

I know there are benevolent narcissists because I'm related to some, but his kind is the equivalent of an extreme weather pattern that must be avoided. Evacuate his site, people. It can only cause destruction to our fellow citizens.


He's almost entirely irrelevant to me but this disturbs me for several reasons, not the least of which because he has seen fit to appoint himself spokesman for the gay community when some very real battles are going on for marriage equality and then behaves in a consistently appalling and ignorant manner. In case you are unclear Mario, calling someone a faggot as an insult just makes it clear you think that a faggot is, you know, a bad thing to be. Lenny Bruce you are not.

Also, the bit about asking his Twitter followers to call 911, which--who the fuck does that? (seriously that really confounds me.) I wonder how many calls they received. I wonder if anyone with a genuine emergency was unable to get thru.

I confess I followed his blog years ago in the Page 666 era but he lost me early in the cum stains drawn on random person's face era. Making mental note to delete any bookmarks when I get home.

(and just in case you are unclear, xoxo we love you Rich. Thanks for bringing some wit and class once again to a situation lacking both.)


Rich, love your site and your stuff on Jezebel and couldn't agree with you more here. But, let's be honest: is it that you couldn't take it anymore, or is it that it suddenly became alright to rag on Perez (finally) and you felt safe enough to join the ride. Not accusing, just asking.

I don't live in the US anymore, and from a distance it seems the willingness to speak out/against the grain is scarily fading away. Either you're with the mainstream, or within acceptable criticism of it. People are becoming more scared, it seems, to go out on a limb and start the conversation.

This may be Perez's first overtly callous remark about gays, but he's been over-the-top insulting about women and, actually, humanity for a long, long time.


Wow, you summed it up perfectly!




::slow clap::




Well put, Rich. I've always been more of a Michael K fan myself and haven't read Perez in more than a year. His "fans" seem to be the lowest common denominator type - exactly the kind of fawning audience he needs.


I haven't visited his site in more than 3 years, and have stopped visiting sites that link to his.

I cringe every time his name is mentioned on one of the various entertainment programs on TV, and boycott those programs as a result. I'm only one person so I doubt my lack of viewing has much impact, but principles are principles.

Given the sleazy and sophomoric nature of his website, I've no idea how he's managed to insinuate himself into as many areas as he has, other than that the people running these things respond to nothing but perceived popularity, and feel no qualms pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Love you and your blog, your insight, integrity, and the quality of your writing; yours is the one voice on popular culture that I regularly read.

Oh, and of course, love and hugs to Winston and Rudy too!


Well put, Rich. You're the best! Really, you are.


I agree with everything you say but I'm getting this odd racist vibe from Hilton's attack as well. Referring to will i am as a "thug" and not being able to tell him and his manager apart before directly accusing him. Honestly between the self loathing gay bashing and the thinly veiled racism I hope this is the nailed PH's internet coffin.


I saw this posted at ONTD. Love it!! I couldn't agree more and you said it all so well. I'm definitely going to check your blog out now :)


he is the equivalent to gays as Dick Cheney is to our republican friends,appalling,embarrassing and wishing he'd just shut the fuck up and disappear.


I couldn't have said it better myself.

JP Californian

Yeah I was glad he got punched. I know it's country of me, but talk all that shit about people all the time and you might get punched in the face and rightly so.

How about his constant remarks about Chris Brown, giving him promotion for beating up his girlfriend?

Perez is an idiot and the worst example of the internet making someone famous


I've been hoping he would die for a while now.


I agree that what he does/did is incredibly harmful to the gay community, thank you for putting it into words. The whole situation is just sad.


Ag! I've never felt so guilty about perusing his site as I do now...because you are RIGHT!


It's about time! Many of us who grew up gay remember vividly the years of abuse hurled at and on us by intemperate bullies. I don't know anyone who wishes that they couldn't turn back the clock, just for one day, and right some wrongs. Perez is a bully who apparently has Hollywood wanna-be's and big-wig's in the palm of his mean-spirited hand. The gay community, and our friends, need to rid the media airwaves of this jackal. Considering a large portion of the blogging and on-air talent in media are gay and gay friendly why don't we stop reporting on him and his vicious diatribes. Better yet, hit perezhilton.com where it hurts and start boycotting any advertisers that choose to do business with him. Just a thought.

Matthew Rettenmund

Since you're searching for some positive things Perez has done:

He says whatever he wants (with noteworthy exceptions like Paris Hilton) without worrying about future access, something mainstream celebrity press does not do. The phony PR is why people end up hating stars, which is why his site does so well—people feed on the negativity because it is cutting through the bullshit. If the media would examine stars more objectively and without making money by being in collusion with them, there would be no need for Perez.

He champions great music.

He spotlights exceptional charities.

He's one of the only famous people who's gay who is not afraid to admit he is gay.

Not only does he admit to being gay—and guess what, insecure gay people, just because one person who is loud and annoying is gay that has nothing to do with who you are as a gay person—he posts many, many pro-gay items. His take on Carrie Prejean was dead right and he acquitted himself really well on TV going head to head with anti-gay forces. (Not that the gay community thanked him for that.)

Just a few positive things. The negatives are pretty obvious (outrageous and mean-spirited attacks on some stars for no apparent reason, an inability to distinguish children from adults when going after people and of course it was inexcusable for him to use faggot as a put-down in his war of words with will.i.am).

Just my two cents. The anti-Perez bandwagon is boring to me. I prefer to focus on the real issues, which include celebrities whose egos are so great they can't handle ridicule and violence.

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