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June 16, 2009



What a really neat concept. I'm in a group called The Happiness Project and the idea is to discover what makes us happiest and then sustain it. It sounds dorky, but it's basically what these nuns are doing. I've already added Inquiring Nuns to my Netflix queue (gotta move it higher up the list!). I'm very interested to see the interviews with the nuns in the bonus features.

As always, fabulous post, I love how anything and everything can be part of your blog.


The British guy is amazing. Also, he looks like a lumberjack, so hearing that accent come out of him is really just kind of disconcerting.


There is no way the last guy is ever unhappy.

John R

Wow - thanks for this! I've never heard of it. Another documentary based on the same movie (or, perhaps, a follow up to it) is LE JOLI MAI (1963) by my favorite-ever Chris Marker. Algeria had just (finally) won independence and, like Vietnam in this film, it's apparent in the subtext of many of the interviews. I'll see if I have a copy. If I do, it's probably not the best quality.


I don't know how you find this stuff Rich but I thank you for it.

Also, love the soundtrack. That makes me happy sisters, in case you were wondering.

fashion your seatbelts

Okay, um, this is the best thing ever, just so you know.


I think the sisters and nuns (there is a difference!) are great examples of feminism in the world. They historically have been the most educated women in their communities, and were/are trusted to live responsibly without male intervention or caretaking. They were also pioneers in the realm of social work and community outreach.

Jennie at Kartemquin

Thanks for this awesome review. I work for Kartemquin Films (the group that made Inquiring Nuns way back) and was hoping you wouldn't mind if I threw out our URL www.kartemquin.com. More about Inq. Nuns there, including DVDs, and our other docs (over 40 years of them), which you might like if you enjoyed this.


I don't know how you find this stuff Rich but I thank you for it.

Also, love the soundtrack. That makes me happy sisters, in case you were wondering.


I could swear the British lumberjack said he was a mathemagician, which made me laugh.
Also, he reminds me of Kyle Chandler. And that makes me happy.

Benjamin W.

Oh my goodness! That first lady IS Chester. Amazing. Truly amazing.


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love chester. love you.

and that's kind of a hot nun on the left, there.


I fancy the English guy. yummmm.


Dang, the english guy is so fine.


video removed for terms of use violation :(



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Yay! I'm in the same place life-wise. It's exciting to see that you've been so successful. By the way... is your FL house for rent? ;)

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And your friends over here on the west edge are the happy recipients of your cross-country cookbook-writing adventure. Reinvention is your gig, Patricia. Writing about that will one day happen, I have no doubt at all. Terrific post, woman.

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