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June 19, 2009


John T.

omg, fap fap fap, that ass!!!! WOW! what a hottie, and that last gif is so touching, i couldn't imagine what itd be like to have to hide yourself like that, so sad


i watched this too when it aired the other night. really well done, and so moving. i love the way the group handled their sit-ins-- so calm, informative, thoughtful, and thereby effective.

i also feel bad for bill clinton, who's gotta still be regretting his dont ask/don't tell policy in hindsight! love PBS docs.


Thanks for posting this, I'll definitely have to check it out. I'm in college considering commissioning into the Marine Corps after I graduate. The only thing that's holding me back is DADT. I don't know if I could live four more years having to constantly worry about being kicked out for being myself.

trick please

Whoo, he has a badonkadonk


I just listened to an interview of this guy on Fresh Air. I also listened to some other PBS radio thing with retired Admiral Jerome Johnson (old, southern, of course) who recently wrote a collaborative piece in the WSJ claiming that repealing don't ask don't tell would do "grave harm" to the US all volunteer force. His arguments were nothing but thinly veil homophobia which the call in audience handily exposed.

Since when is the military concerned with comfort zones? Time to man-up homophobes. Learn to live and work with people that are different. If you can't relate to American gays how the fuck are you supposed to relate to rural Afghans?


Love this: "Instead of a political activist, perhaps Brüno is best viewed as a superhero. There's a reason why Batman works in the shadows and alleys, not at City Hall, you know?"

Queen Lena

apesofmath has it totally right. I just don't get why homophobia is so accepted in this country. It's ridiculous.

And unrelated, Rich you've been quite prolific this week. What a treat for us. =)


I always love asking people who are in favor of DADT and in favor of gays that are in the military now being stripped of their ranks if they would gladly go take the gay man/woman's place to fight overseas. Not surprised no one said yes. The one that made my blood boil was how an American who worked as an Arabic translator (which we are in short supply of) was stripped of his rank and kicked out when they found out he was gay. Forget about connecting with the Iraqis and trying to speak their language so the war can end! We gotta get the queers away from us!!!!


Shit, IRELAND is ahead of us?


Some of these military policies are so fucked up. I understand the desire to keep "good order, discipline, morale, and authority" but honestly, if the general American public didn't make such a big deal out of homosexuality it wouldn't be such a huge problem in the military either, and thus wouldn't undermine any of those causes. I'm saying this as an enlisted member of our armed forces and a supporter of equal rights for all because, come on, it's in our Constitution.


That ass.....I want to BITE it!

I'm happy that Canada is on the list. But then again we also let our gays marry each other. We even let them adopt if they are so inclined (in all but one province and one territory). Then we have that rainbow coloured money.... So it's all kinds of crazyness up here. Our country hasn't fallen apart and people aren't leaving in droves.


Also, I concur with everything you said.


amen, rich.


That last gif is absolutely beautiful.


Amen! Thanks for posting this.


God, the hypocrisy of the military is so fucking stupid. There are so many whores on those posts, of both genders. It's kind of the same thing with marriage, heterosexual people want to be free to fuck everything up, while putting restrictions on gay people. I say this as a former army wife who just happened to receive multiple propositions from my husband's fellow soldiers every time his unit went to the field. That's just the tip of the iceberg of the bullshit that goes on in those places.


Why are Americans so close-minded? Why does sex matter so much? Why must we react with such outrage and fear? How is being gay and serving our country wrong? I don't get it. It makes me so sad. America the free? Really?

It amazes me how as a country we are so unprogressive. I am raising my children to have open minds and open hearts. I hope they can live their lives as they see fit and not be persecuted for it.

Sarah G

I haven't seen the documentary but there have been about 54 (!!!) Arab linguists who have been fired because of DADT. The government has spent millions enforcing the policy while our military is overextended and under prepared (fourth and fifth tours in Iraq!) Gays have been in our military since 1776 and that's not going to change, so they deserve the same legal recourse against an unfair discharge as their straight counterparts. Plus our allies (Britain, Israel, Ireland etc..) allow gays in their military so we're already in the trenches with "out" soldiers. These are the same arguments they used when Truman integrated the army. Studies should that mission cohesion is more important than unit cohesion. The RAND Corp. did a really comprehensive study that homophobes choose to ignore. Some of the biggest advocates for the repeal are former Joint Chiefs of Staff! If you haven't already you should check out this old Times editorial: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/02/opinion/02shalikashvili.html


lt. dan choi really brought this issue home for a lot of americans - who may not have otherwise even thought about this issue.

he's hot too!!!


i agree that we definitely need to stop being so polite...

and start being real. hilarious jokes aside, i think this is sort of what i'd like to see a little more (though maybe not quite so violent. but the fighting back idea i like)

ryan mcginley breaks guy's nose for calling him a fag


aww. that last gif of them playing with each other's fingers...so sweet. :)


Me thinks Alex's boyfriend selected him for those birthing hips. It's evolution, baby!


Amen Rich indeed. Plus, I fucking hate guys whe arent fat and have an ass that fat! Jealousy rearing its ugly head


I don't get it. I mean seriously, why would people want to be shipped off to Iraq to get killed for useless economic porpuses hidden by dumb presidents like GWB. Being an out gay gives you the perfect excuse not to live this dreadful life altering experience and yet you want to live it? Have you seen how many soldiers come home depressed and/or suicidal and/or depressed?

A) There are other ways to help your country like being a teacher for instance, I'd get it if gays were upset about not being allowed to do that but wanting to be sent to be killed in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan? Seriously?

B) Your sexuality is still a private matter, as long as you are happy with whomever your are sharing your time/life with, why should it matter to other people? Why should they have to know?


Do you know if this is available to watch anywhere online? I'd be really interested to see it.


There's only 1 issue I have with Bruno, which is the same one i have with Colbert (of the Colert Report)- as it falls out, some people love them because they "expos(e) the idiocy of the hateful via an over-the-top gay [or republican, as it were] stereotype ) and some people love them because they love to laugh at gay people, and/or they just agree with the proposed totally extremist republican views. I just don't know how to "make amends meet" on this issue - PLEASE, SOMEONE, RESPOND!!!
(I've also been dieing for a context in which to say "make amends meet" - a phrase i picked up from "The Bad Girls Club". . . if you Luv Mixt Metophors holla!

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