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I read your site a lot, but never comment. My dad was in the Air Force for over 30 years. He was in command of many men and women. When he went over to Desert Storm (way back when), there was some sort of problem with some straight men having a problem with someone they thought was gay. They wanted to send the gay man home ( this might have just been around the don't ask/don't tell time) but like my dad said, the gay man was a better solider than the jerks doing the complaing. The military is there to help our country..and who gives a crap what their sexual orientation is!?


Seriously, I learned a lot from watching this, but half of the time was spent ogling. I am always baffled by delusional homophobes.

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I was not expecting that thing he's carrying behind him. Wow.


yeah, he had a HUMONGOUS ass and cute face...but he was so fucking overweight that I was out of breath for him.




So as a civilian that used to work for a Marine base that excuse the "discomfort for the ignorant and hateful" is full of B-O-L-O-G-N-A!!! When I worked at this base my co-worker and I had this all-out debate on this same issue...the reasons he gave for gays not being able to be open any other person gay or straight can give for being around heterosexuals. I mean perhaps I don't feel comfortable seeing pictures of you, your wife and kids on vacation in the tropic. My point was if they are supposed to operate as "one mind, one body" then no one should be able to talk about their loved ones and what they do once they are beyond the threshold of the work environment. So everyone take down pics of families, take those wedding rings off, and let's not discuss what or who we do...sounds fair to me. Of course my theory was "unrealistic." Its already not like people are coming in droves to sign up for the armed services so if someone wants to why deny them because just like you they may want to talk about how their night with their significant other went. Then women can walk around damn near looking like dudes and people knowing they are gay but thats okay...omg...such double standards..i could go on and on about this but i will spare you

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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


"A) There are other ways to help your country like being a teacher for instance, I'd get it if gays were upset about not being allowed to do that but wanting to be sent to be killed in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan? Seriously?"

So gays must only work where he/she can't be killed? Then again, there are gay teachers who were fired or accused of all sort of things because they're gay.

Homophobia and stupidity won't help the US winning any wars or teach the children.

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Informative and well written. It'll be interesting to see the developments in the coming years!

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