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June 08, 2009


John R

Not sure if it's relevant, but the Fischerspooner, Peaches, Tiga, and Chicks On Speed all leaked way ahead of street date. I mean, everything leaks now, but these were way ahead of schedule and on pretty insular labels (COS is on their own label!). Intentional? Creating buzz for the next wave of Electroclash? Hmmm....

Tiga, Ciao! Web leak 04/16, Official street date 05/26.

Peaches, “I Feel Cream,” Web leak on 4/8; Official street date 5/4.

Chicks On Speed, Cutting The Edge, Web release 5/11, Official street date 6/2.

PS - Keeping up with leaked albums is part of what I do for work.


yeah i agree about peaches, she's capable of great things but just wont go there...


Thank you for enduring that so we don't have to.
All of your observations are spot on.
I want to like Fischerspooner but they have never lived up to the hype.
I've often felt the problem with Electroclash it's all fashion. These are people who want to be famous and have their 15 minutes it has nothing to do with the music, I think the music is an afterthought.


I love that you gave Luxx a shout out. I miss that place.


I think the new Peaches album is spectacular. Sure, her insolent rapping can be grating from time-to-time, but "Mommy Complex" and "I Feel Cream" are two of my favourite songs of the year.
The rest of those albums really do suck, though.


Aw, sadness, I actually kinda liked Fischerspooner, Peaches, and Tiga a few years back. My sister saw Fischerspooner in St. Louis a couple weeks ago and thought the music was just ok; I do think with them you have to accept that what they are trying to do is about more than just the music, there's a performance art aspect there.


If you go back and read the music press from 2002, they'd have you believing that electroclash actually happened. Even the arguably "authentic" retro rock thing was neither enduring nor popular. Lady Gaga is interesting (though barely tolerable) as a pop star because her rhetoric is esoteric and post-modern, while her music is very conventional. Has it been noted yet what percentage of the people who own her album are aware of her persona? Pop culture fans on the internet are a very bad focus group for media interest.

I don't know what this comment is about.


Who gives a fuck about Lady GaGa?
She's been told to take her shtick one step beyond because Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are so 10 years ago, but her music's the same shit, or worse.

yr momz

if you said electroclash that many times in real life i'd have to hit yr face.

Chantal Goya

Odd. As much as I LOVE "Fuck the Pain Away," I cannot stand the rest of Peaches' music.


Thanks for the shout out to masturbating. If there is anything better than reference-filled, name dropping blogging about reference-filled, name dropping music, it is masturbating.


Man, my first thought when I heard "I feel cream" was Madonna's "get together". Which is funny because Peaches has bashed Madonna more than once.
And then she churns out a Madonna song. Not just any song but one of Madonna's singles.

How embarrassing.


Fuck Waterboarding, this shit sounds like real torture. I mean...listening to Perez talk/sing about himself and his penis?!? Hell to the no.


The only one i liked was Peaches' latest but truly detested listening to Tiga's Ciao! even with Jake Shears in it (maybe the collaboration with Gonzales is tolerable). The rest was pure dreck.


Hi Rich, I wrote a drunk poem about the Internet for you. I hope you like it.

o, computer
your mechanismz are inextricably braided with my thought processes
i cannot undo half-my-life
started interacting with you at eleven years of age
my conception of reality has forever been altered
my intuition regarding your functions is almost unparalleled
except for maybe MIT students' (intuition)
i have daydreams of interacting with a screen
i'm bound to you by imagination
there are no real people beyond the text
all the real people scan rather than read
no one understands moe tkacik
except me.
no body gets moe tkacik
except for me

it's just us and the russians on livejournal
us and the russians, for me, forever
think of us and the russians on a boat in the middle of the sea


This post is EPIC!

I'm kind of wondering if Adam Lambert is going to go towards electroclash, he's certainly hinted at it and some of his old stuff is leaning towards it.

I can only stand it in very minute quantities, like 2 minute intervals, though I did here Beyonce's Diva in an electroclash arrangement and loved it. And I can barely stand Beyonce.

Slacker Chic

oh no i have to disagree with you on Peaches! I think "I Feel Cream" is not only her best record to date hands down, but one of the best of the year.
"staring at my ass and my beard and my mustache"? Yes, yes I am.


I could never stand Fischerspooner. Whenever their songs came on I would have to step outside. I hope this last album is the final nail in their coffin.


The first half of Tiga is a little reminiscent of 2003, but you are super correct on how awesome the latter half is. I almost picked up his cd a day or two before reading your review, but didn't. Then reading your recap of him it persuaded me to get it. I'm in love with it.

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