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That headband is squeezing her brain too much...

Lolita Hazed

Awww, I'm kind of disappointed with how short this is :\ I love your recaps.


God help me, but that .gif almost makes he fuckable. Almost.

Mouchois Melvin

Jesus she just gets worse and worse. I used to think that she was somewhat pretty, now she just looks lewd to me. Ick.
At least she makes for good tv.
I will admit, I giggled a little at that zinger about Venus. I couldn't help it... I'm twelve inside.


I wish that someone would pull a Mean Girls and tell Paris that "hungry" is never going to happen.

Paris is actually pretty unlikable and hypocritical this season. I wonder what happened?


What is with the head bands? Every darn reality show person sports them. Is it to keep their wigs on? Or to keep their brains in?


This episode deserves a longer recap.


That's from a Lilly Tomlin stand up


Inquiring minds want to know: how does the gay boy get his hair to look so nice? It looks like he don't need product at all; it's so soft and clean looking, yet still curiously faux-hawked and obviously teased into submission. HOW DOES HE DO IT?

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

I really wish had a video snippet of the mani-pedi conversation when Paris agrees that talking in a fake voice is annoying.... tru dat.


It's too bad that a gay guy that's actually hot is never unenlightened/suicidal enough to audition for this show.


This episode made me feel like wearing a tiara everywhere just to piss everyone off


really liked kaitlin's makeover.. ugly teeth tho


Haha this show is awesome. It's like a trainwreck waiting to happen and I can't look away. Seriously, i always watch it because its so funny.

Anyone else think the whole grocery shopping ordeal in episode 4 was hilarious? I can’t believe none of the girls realized that you had to gut the duck or knew that they had bought a frozen one.

Also I loved the song they used, called “Piggy Bank” by Jet Stream. I thought it was funny and ironic to hear the lines “money make the world go round” and “the world is my supermarket, filled with shopping carts” while these girls are all shopping for Paris Hilton’s dinner haha. There’s a video clip of that scene at :

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