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June 22, 2009



Loved it! Love your cat. When will you be making a feature about your boyfriend? I've been following your blog for a while now, perhaps not close enough, but I was wandering what he looked like... Throw a toy at him and film it, would ya? ;-)


I don't think any other Winston video has made me laugh as much as this one!


Abnormal and extraordinary. Especially when you call Winston, he looks back at you and stays put. Haha. Classic. Also, never realized how many tattoos you have. Good on you, to show a little more skin.


Winston and bonus Gabe and Max cameos all in one video! My day has been made.



I like his grumpy anti-social quirks.
It's why we have cats, they are entertaining!
(Don't worry, my cat hates me too) :(

Also Rich

I love your little ewok!


I love Winnie.


There can only be one Winston :D (His meow is adorable, by the way)


Ok, you know, let's not judge. If Winston's life is anything like my cat's life, it is a grueling, never-ending nightmare of eating, sleeping, and rolling around under the dining room table. It's a hard world for little things.


Very cute! Nothing beats eccentric animals. :)


Weeeen-stone cannot be arsed. (As the Brits say.)


He's totally doing the Winsalute at 3:08.


Great video! Winston's face when he meows cracks me up for some reason.


just moved to alaska, and the wifi here is really slow. i was watching and caught up to the buffer, stopping the video exactly at this point:


it's like a mini, winnie, pretty party, haha


that was adorable


Winnie Rules

You and your BF could be twins.

Mouchois Melvin

I missed Winston. :D

And oh well if he isn't normal.
I don't think Melvin is normal, either. He's just... Special.


Thank you for that montage of Winston awesomeness. I needed it like I need it to be Friday instead of Monday.

fashion your seatbelts

I love Winston. He looks and acts like a grumpy old man.
My cat, Cooper, named after Anderson Cooper (weirdly, seeing as how Anderson is the Silver Fox and Cooper is orange, but I digress), thinks he is a dog. I am absolutely sure of it. He acts exactly like one, right down to the licking of people's faces.


My dog is the same color as Winnie and is a Peke mix so he has the same scrunched face. He also loves kitties (alas, almost none love him back.) I wish I could see the two of them in a video together. I live in Ohio-and uhm, don't actually know you personally-so I suspect that will never be. Maybe I'll figure out how to make a mashup.


i have a exotic shorthair also and she is just like winston

IzZy : P

i think my cat Ringo (yes, like Ringo Starr,) would qualify as not normal, seeing as he likes to go and lie down in the middle of the street.(obviously, our street isn't a very busy one, but he's a gray cat, and just blends in!) let's just say my cat isn't the smartest.....

i like winston's mouse catching technique. he's probably thinking "mouse = food + my food comes to me =MOUSE comes to me," if that makes sense.... or maybe he just didn't see it.


Shoot, I wanted to be FIRST!!!!!!! to point out the winsalute. Kind of thrilling to see in action.


That was awesome. At .23 when you toss the cat toy by him and he gives it a few token bats with his paw while still reclining is hilarious. Then his eyes start to close as he was clearly exhausted by the exertion of moving his paw a few times. Classic!
I just love reading books and sites about cat behavior (from "experts") and then looking at my knuckleheads who instead of being intelligent feline hunters, are busy collectively staring at a random spot on the wall.

More Winston videos please!

I haz a jealous

Love it. Also, is it creepy to say that my ultimate conclusion from having watched this video is "Dayum! Rich has great arms!"? Cuz you do.

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