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'The New Dance Party'? That's 'The Scene'!! Same set, same announcer, same people I'm sure... I had a friend who danced on that show and she thought she was so damn cool! Actually, I thought she was too - just for having the guts to dance on TV. I only skimmed through and didn't see the stupid line dance where everyone stands in two lines dancing in place and people take turns dancing down the line while looking at the camera so maybe they thought if they removed that they could reinvent with a new name...(?) Do a search for 'The Scene' on YouTube and I'm sure there's some clips just like this one but you have to check out the line! People really went all out trying to showcase their best moves in front of the camera! :)


I fully expect that time travel will be invented solely for the purpose of going back in time to dance with these people...


You might like Chic-a-go-go and Can I Step With You? These are two truly amazing dance shows currently on cable access in Chicago.


I love that youtube channel! I used to watch this on TV when I was kid. Back when people actually danced in clubs. Nowadays everybody is a wallflower or a sway side to sider. I think every month in Detroit they hold a 'New Dance Party' party at the C Pop Gallery on Woodward.


Awesome! As a native of the Detroit area, a fan of Winnie, Rudy and your ANTM commentaries, it was so strange and wonderful to see New Dance Show on your site. We used to catch it on TV now and then as kids. What a blast from the past!


I also grew up in Detroit and literally used to run home for New Dance Show. A friend from Detroit actually brought a VCR cassette of it during my freshman year at Morehouse just because us Detroiters used to talk about it so much. The Jit is truly a lost art form at this point.


I like the big girl at 5:16 in the first clip. She's like a gold vision from heaven . . . with a bobble head.


No shout out to "Dancin' On Air", Philly's version (which undoubtedly was jam-packed with peeps from Joisey)??


it honestly IS refreshing to see people fully clothed again. young people are so gross nowadays. you always find the best stuff rich!


I lovvvved this post. Asymmetrical hair-do's, Gazelle's, The crab..ugghh what more could you ask for? I too want to travel back in time and have big fun with the party people. It did my heart good to see people actually smiling and enjoying themselves. Thanks Rich.


So good! That dude's You Tube channel is full of such shiny things. SHINY THINGS, I tell you..

Paris Hilton

too many negros... why no white peeps?


Because it's Detroit! (duh).

Love this!! Everyone's an extra in a Jody Watley video or a member of the Gap Band. So shiny, sparkly, shoulder-padded, and triple pleated/pegged-leg! My personal fave is the leather-clad cowboy with the leopard bandana and knee-high pirate boots. Seventeen shades of awesome! Great find, Rich.


I am so jealous of my Detroit friends for getting to grow up with this. How could you watch this every day and not end up an unbelievably awesome person? (To a soul, everyone I've met who watched the scene and the new dance show has proven this to be true).

Last time I was in Detroit I went to a party where the jit was in full effect -- footwork too fancy for my eyes to keep up! This is definitely not only a piece of history, it's alive and well although not as popular as it used to be.

Benjamin W.

This is by far the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks so much for sharing it. If only things were as simple and fun today.




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lol, I can't beleive you showed this...I'm from Pontiac, Michigan and I used to watch this on Channel 62. I don't remember The Scene, but I damn sure remember The New Dance Show. I love it and I love you for posting this.
I'm a fan of your writing (always read ANTM posts) and I've never commented. But I had to with seeing this. Thank you Rich!!!!!


Also, if you search for the song "I'm Freaky"'ll see a clip of the people on The New Dance Show.

I live in Los Angeles now, and I search for my booty music from the 90's and watch The New Dance Show.


WOW! That looks like it was so much fun! Reminds me of how fun clubs used to be back in the days when I would go out in the 80s.
While watching that, I couldn't help but think, "whose mama's and daddies are these people now?" It would be so cool to have a tape to pull out to show your kids what moms used to get up to in her wild days.
Watching this was so incredible, it almost makes me want to cry.
Thanks Rich!


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I grew up near Detorit - this was the best show on local television in my opinion. The Scene was first, several years earlier (I'd guess 80-83 or so, maybe longer). Youtube has videos from both shows. If you like this you might like old radio clips of Mojo on Detroit radio from about the same time.

Thanks for posting this. It is all kinds of awesome!

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Great story and insight! I am in the beginning of my second career, and beginning to wonder what my third career might be. Teaching, writing, traveling? I don't know, but I am glad I have such a role model to inspire me.

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The best piece of fatherly advice about making your mark I think I have ever heard. Thanks for noticing me and providing a friendly hand when I first got to posting here.

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What a beautiful tale, Suzie! Enjoyed the read so much, top of the afternoon to you too. You always match your pics. R

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