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July 06, 2009



This is a very special piece of work.

The artist has also highlighted another secret Jasween quality - her Shan-Do lopsided eye problem.

Subtle in life, brought to the forefront by Thomas Pringle. He may have the ability to draw all women's secret selves.

I plan to immediately search the site for Sandra Bullock photos and check if he's drawn her fist-sized adam's apple with the same level of accuracy.

Also - first!


This is really funny! I'm glad you showcased it here.


Awwwww :(


This guy seriously deserves a Genius Grant. This portrait has so much win!


Haha, I love it so much.


Mr Thomas Pringle- I really like your work!


That is an awesome painting, I really like his work.


He has an amazing eye. He exaggerated all the things conventional portraits try to ignore.


I love everything about this post. You, Gary, Thomas Pringle, and Jaslene.


mannn, Rich
I asked you and Tracie ages ago if you guys wanted some free artwork and never heard anything back

you hurt my heart

but I love you, regardless

(that offer is still on the table)


So, she isn't being attacked from below by a giant wang? (don't see how it could be part of her anatomy given the angle.)

I dunno if she's been photoshopped or what but that cover is the prettiest she has ever looked.


I love it. Will you hang that picture in your apartment?

maria c

his work is really wonderful.

Holy Cuteness

Hahaha, great!


wow, you are very fortunate, i love that!


It took a lot of strength and strain for me not to bust out laughing when I saw that painting. Bless Thomas Pringle's heart. It does, after the urge to laugh fades away, have some artistic merit to it though. His Wonder Woman is a sight to behold!




I love it! Wonder Woman could also pass for Mermaid Girl. He's like a double whammy artist.


A much better painter than I, that's for sure!


Awesome! I'm so jealous... 8 years of art school and I can't touch that!!!


i love it-i want one!


His stuff has a really Picasso quality about it. I think it's wonderful that he can express himself in a artistic way, but I'm right on with Gary, that giant wang is the only thing I saw at first.


Saw Jaslene on a float at the NYC Gay Pride Parade two weeks ago. VERY skeletally thin in low rise jeans and a sparkly halter. Few people around me commented on how thin she looked.


I don't think this portrait is "funny" at all, it's just straight up great. You're lucky to own it!


This is very lovely. Thomas Pringle's work is wonderful, but none of them seem to be for sale. Rich, you are a lucky man. What do Winston and Rudy think of it?


I work for an art magazine and he's actually really good!

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