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OMG. Tilda. Well played.


The guy who never speaks but they close up on is terrifying!


Tilda Swinton, hahahaha!


Lucy: the dark haired guy with the glasses? TRUTH! Why does he keep making creepy sex faces at the camera?


i went through such a range of emotions while watching this. mostly "horror" and "discomfort."

Amy Anomalous

It makes me want to expose the young ones in the video to some real soul music.Tell me you can hear Etta James and then go back to this cotton candy diet.


wow, if i weren't told otherwise, i totally would have thought rich was responsible for the editing. particularly b/c they kept cutting to that 'telepathy' dude (britney 1 or 2?) making that horking noise. f'n hilarious. i'm w/sara on the seductive glasses child too-so beyond freaky. don't think i could watch the whole thing, but now i don't have to. thanks rich & la deli!


that was soooo hilarious!! i especially love the kid that keeps tilting his head while looking at the camera lol


The one who kept making creepy sex faces seduced me.


Tilda Swinton, HA. BANG ON.

boo you!

You don't have the live in england to watch the BBC. As it's a British company you could live in scotland or wales or northern ireland and still be able to watch it. I know, strange that england isn't the whole of the United Kingdom?


Omg! The welsh guy and gal were my fav!!


Wait... that was a sex face? I thought that was a choke and die on it face. People's sex faces can be so angry!


I'm amazed Tilda had time to record this, what with her thriving career as an Ellis Island accesory to burned pregnant infants.



Woah!! Really?!



This whole thing is full of the LOL


I liked psychic boy staring into my soul on that Bobby Brown song she covered.

Awww...god bless Britney fans. I could barely stomach it but it was also kinda touching. Emphasis on 'kinda'...


"Gay men like strong, powerful women... kinda like Paris Hilton"

My soul weeps for (and laughs at) humanity.


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The boy who didn't know what telepathy meant and couldn't say choreography went to my school. He is such a liar! He was always, always a Christina guy!


I have never in life felt the need to look away from a video until that boy with the glasses stared straght into my soul and tried to steal it.


I watched this show in horror. Britney > God.


Britney made me gay.


That boy with the glasses was so freaking creepy.


Totally Tilda! I'm dying!

Creepy dark haired guy w/glasses has Eminem lips.......I'm so glad the camera didn't pan down.......just sayin'

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