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July 31, 2009



In 1991 I was 4 years old. My family decided to take a theme park trip to Orlando and we visited Universal Studios. The only thing I remember about Universal Studios was screaming in sheer terror at everything and everyone, and being absolutely terrorized.

Now I know why.


Coming in 1992?! Magical. Did you put the repetitive clips of "fascinating, absolutely fascinating" in there, or was it already edited in that way?


The clip captures perfectly the desperation, the ennui of an actual early 90's visit to Uni.Stu Orlando, take it from someone who had the joy twice annualy throughout childhood (thank you, FL resident discount). Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot and MGM theme parks all have different but related flavors of this exquisite despair.


This is so 90s it hurts.

Craig D'Arville

Oh man, hearing that tiny string bit from the Psycho soundtrack will be enough for me to hear Busta Rhyme's "Gimme Some More" run through my head all day now.

Kissin' on a banana?!??! Foley artists are nuts.


What the actual f&*k. Some of this stuff just scared me for life I think.


My mom worked at Universal Studios from 1992 (after the arrival of the JAWS ride) to 1994 so I experienced all of this magic at least once a month. I visited again for the first time since in 2006 and except for a few minor changes (there is now a Shrek ride) it is almost exactly the same as it is in this video!


what's an extra terrestial?
...apparently i've been saying it wrong all these years.
Thanks, John Forsythe!


I remember almost all of this stuff. Those were the best shows and rides ever! I can't believe they got rid of that Back to the Future ride. It was amazing.

Also, why am I the only person who noticed that Alanna Ubach (from Waiting..., Legally Blonde, and Renaissance Man) was in that video!


Holy moly! That was fascinating...absolutely fascinating. Also hilarious.


lolerskates. this brings me back. i'm pretty sure this was made around the same time period i was in the audience for family double dare and had a similar clusterfuck experience. this video is wonderful...simply magical.



Miss Lisa

The breakdance segment was magical!


As a general rule, any post on FourFour that begins "I recently bought this used souvenir VHS..." means it is a stop everything and watch this experience and this did not disappoint. I love early 90's kitsch. Did you know John Forsyth is still alive? I think he's as old as Mr. Burns' mom. And was that Jerri Blank doing her famous mule show?

Doug M

When I was a kid we went there and my entire family recorded one of those music videos. We covered Loveshack. Oh how I wish I still had that tape.


You, sir, have outdone yourself this time.


Is that woman at 2:13 supposed to be Kennedy's doppelganger?


Oh man, this makes me feel old - the Universal tour I saw in CA featured Cylons (from the original series) shooting their laser cannons into the crowd. The term "butthead" hadn't yet entered the public lexicon.

'Scuze me while I go break a hip.

maria c

It breaks my heart to see chimps and monkeys used for entertainment. I hope they don't do that anymore...the horrible things those animals go through to amuse people is very wrong.


Snarfle. Extra terrestial. My first reaction was immediate shame over all the times I've said it wrong.

Anna von Beaverplatz

You have not seen anything yet.

John R

This is genius. Oh, the LULZ! You should moonlight at Everything Is Terrible!


More late 80's/early 90's GOLD


Half of that stuff is still there. I ~experienced~ the Jaws, ET, and man on fire things just a few years ago. You'd think they'd update stuff more often than they do.


Is that Kennedy?

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