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July 17, 2009



Well, at least you didn't say you were "over the moon."


"my heart is pounding" I love it!!!!!! Thank you for cheering me up.

Dennis N.

This is such a treasure. Be busy all the time, yeah?


This made my week! Rich was always a star.


Jessica Adams was totally your fag hag, wasnt' she?


That was the cutest thing ever. I'll bet that girl who spoke after you--the fourth-grader fretting about the pressure of it all--is exceedingly awesome today.


omg...i'm totally having a retroactive 4th grade crush on your lisping, swooning self, Rich!


OMG, I love this shit. MADE MY WEEK!


DItto Bapril's comment. Jessica Adams better have been your BFF.


Your hair is amazing.


Your. hair. was. SO. BIG. Forgot boys had big hair, then!


This is so great - from the enthused clapping to the (fairly gay) swooning. Thank you for sharing!


out of all the clips ever posted on this blog, this is officially the best one. god love exasperated 11 year olds. this is epic. send it to your mom or something.


WOW! Your breathlessness and exaggerated clapping was so Broadway. And, yes, please do tell us where Jenny and Jessica are today. I love Jenny's slight eye-roll with "all the switches and buttons you have to push..." Tell us about the time she peed herself when she had to do long division on the blackboard in front of the class, or some such.


whatever happened to those two little girls?


Today is a happier day because I got to see this vid. Now let's al 'aaawwww' in unison!

JP Californian

I love the 4th grade girl concerned about being under too much pressure... I have a feeling weed changed her life at some point down the road...


You can tell it's the '80s because of the reporter's hair and clothes and the fact that your classmates' names are Jenny and Jessica. Also, way to rock the grandma glasses, Jessica.

Miss Lisa

It's always so weird to revisit our childhood selves. Thanks for sharing your heart-pounding moment!

Jiri Hämäläinen

Now you have to do a What-Happened-to-them post about your co-stars...

P.s. this is awesome.. The way you sat in your seat before your interview part was cute


so cute! i love the way you talk and your barely noticeable accent! thank you for sharing :)

nice 'do, by the way :p


OMG I am surprised the flames of your latent faggotry didn't somehow telepathically burn the Discovery down. SO ADORKABLE. <3 you!


You were in fourth grade in 1988? God, I feel old. And surprisingly I don't remember anything really from the Discovery mission. I guess I must have been busy doing something else.


you were meant for the screen, rich!

your range of emotions are oscar worthy. love love love love love this clip!!


Look at you swooning like a Southern belle, you little nelly. Love it!

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