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July 28, 2009



Hi Rich, sorry this question is completely unrelated to this post! I saw your banner now references 4/4 time and that reminded me of something I've been wanting to ask you for a while.

I've noticed that you've referenced a few times that there's a current obsession with 4/4 time in dance music. You tend to toss it in there as almost an aside, but very few popular music critics ever mention music theory.

I don't follow dance music, like, at all. But I did play various instruments over the years and can still more or less read sheet music. So here's my question. Isn't most popular (/dance) music in 4/4 time? When, if ever, did dance music stray away from this? I guess I can see some more adventuresome techo mixes playing with time signatures, swapping them here and there or doing something mad like 9/8, but that strikes me as something that would be rare.

But again, I don't know anything about dance music. So please enlighten me, I'm genuinely curious. I've always held that most mainstream music is in 4/4, but I am definitely open to expanding my worldview on this one.

Many thanks!


Damn. That video is just bizarre.


I'm pretty sure I heard that song on Z100 last week, and I thought to myself, WHAT? WHAT IS THIS?!


Wow, I went youtube hopping starting at that video and ended up with this (which I think you may appreciate!):

Youtube can be a very scary place.


lsa, is that Kim Kardashian on the bed, in the back left of that youtube video?


@Suzannah: Most mainstream music is indeed in 4/4 time. I'm sure Rich himself can clarify, but I think when he uses the term he really means "four on the floor," which is a different thing.


You wanna talk about Weird Shit. I've got your Weird Shit. For starters, is this a male, female, or combo? I'm dead serious.




John R

That song was made by a Polynesian cargo cult in 1992. A plane dropped a box containing 3 C-list Doo Wop 45s and an obscure Orange "Juice" Jones-knock off singer's demo cassette. The cassette featured Gus, the singer's younger brother, guest-rapping.

John R

Ah! I see that James Pants is Stones Throw-related. That makes sense - it's ironic! They do ironic pretty well though - they used to re-release strange (and sometimes really dope) gym class records from the 70s, etc. on 45.


Youtube can be too much sometimes but it doesnt stop me from watching. I believe that might be 3/4 of the definition of addiction


Reminds me of this. Pure majesty.


Isa, that video is the gift that keeps on giving! Whoa! So much entertainment!

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